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Chic Frame with Depth Effect

Let works of art float with the Distance magnetic frame from HALBE

Kirchen, April 7, 2021 - The classic picture frame was designed to frame flat works of art. Increasingly, artists are working with multiple layers, characterful curled papers, or creating elaborate collages. But special mementos, certificates with relief-like seals or precious sketches are also framed for conservation and effectively staged more often. For this, you need one thing: the Distance magnetic frame, which offers space between the glass and the back wall. Whether wood or aluminium profile, with light or dark background board, 10 or 20 mm distance to the glass - every individually manufactured Distance magnetic frame from HALBE enables convenient framing from the front. Timeless design with an impressive depth effect characterise our Distance magnetic frame, which has been awarded the renowned Red Dot Design Award.


Exceptional works of art require special framing

High-quality works on paper are increasingly being produced on special FineArt or artist papers with unusual surface structures or with scooped edges. They require conservational framing with a gap to the glass. Some of these are precious collages, unique black-and-white pictures with deckle edges or three-dimensional works on paper, such as those by the Pop artist James Rizzi, who became known worldwide for his 3D paper sculptures and 3D magnetic pictures.


Distance magnetic frame makes artworks float

The possibilities of picture presentation are as complex as the pictures themselves. The Distance magnetic frame is the first choice when it comes to presenting art objects with depth effect. The distance between the glass and the back wall makes it the ideal frame for three-dimensional objects, floatingly mounted pictures or conservation framing. Thanks to the unique magnetic frame principle, inserting or mounting pictures in the Distance magnetic frame from the front is done in seconds - without turning, clamps or tools. The magnetic spacer bars act as spacers between the background board and the glass pane.


The profile: The character of image presentation

Great attention should be paid to the selection of the right profile colour and width for the Distance magnetic frame. First and foremost, the deciding factor is where the art object will later find its place. In general, the frame profiles should never be too wide or compete with the picture or 3D object. With the Distance magnetic frame, in addition to the selection of the frame profile, the colour of the magnetic distance strips can also be defined. For a uniform look, these can be selected in matching colours to the aluminium or wooden frame or the freely selectable background cardboard in the colours silver, white or black. " We recommend matching the colour of the distance strips to the background cardboard, passepartout or picture. Only with black frames, black distance strips set a special optical accent and direct the viewer's gaze even more to the picture," says David Halbe, managing director of HALBE-Rahmen GmbH.

A bright paper work looks noble when it is set in a narrow, discreet strip. For example, a wooden frame made of white maple with white spacer bars is ideal. If you are dealing with a dark paper work with monochrome or sepia character, a dark aluminum or wooden frame with black spacer bars and black background cardboard or passepartout is suitable.       


Free-floating framing - the absolute eye-catcher for art lovers

Thanks to the 10mm or 20mm distance between the background cardboard and the glass, a completely free-floating framing is also possible with a Distance magnetic frame, meaning the picture or art object is smaller than the frame and floats in it with an additional distance to the back wall. Silhouettes, sketches on special artist's paper or small figures and accessories can be staged expressively in this way. The object is visually lifted for the viewer.

In general, it is important to ensure that there is sufficient space between the glass pane and the object, i.e. the thicker the object, the greater the distance should be. The minimum distance between the surface of the art object and the glass pane should be 5 mm. If it is no longer being transported, 3 mm is also sufficient.


Conservo-Distance magnetic frame - two become one

For 75 years, there have been unique people behind the name HALBE, whose daily attention belongs to the perfect framing conditions. The team works continuously to optimise and expand the product range. In recent years, the focus of museums and art collectors has shifted significantly towards the conservation of the art object. Thus, the professionals at HALBE have further developed the Distance magnetic frame and combined the even higher conservation conditions of the CONSERVO magnetic frame with the advantages of the DISTANCE magnetic frame - no easy task.



On the homepage you have the opportunity to follow the path of your HALBE frame from order to shipment as well as to get to know the people and their stories at HALBE. In addition, you will find many valuable tips about framing in the blog and knowledge section.



The Distance magnetic frame from HALBE allows you to levitate high value artwork while framing it for conservation.



The Distance magnetic frame allows special mementos to be showcased with depth.



When free-floating framing, make sure there is enough clearance between the glass pane and the object - the minimum clearance should be 5mm.



Like all HALBE frames, the Distance magnetic frame is opened from the front by pressing the glass with the thumb and is also closed again magnetically.



To fix the picture, the basic element of the DISTANCE magnetic frame has a protruding edge. The framing or mounting of the picture is done in seconds from the visible front side.    



The spacer bars are inserted magnetically into the base element and pushed against each other in the corners without any gaps. This prevents the picture from slipping and keeps it in position.



In addition to the selection of the frame profile, the colour of the magnetic distance strips can also be defined - it should generally be selected to match the back board, passepartout or picture.



With black frames, black spacer bars provide a special visual accent and draw the viewer's eye even more to the picture.                                                                                                                          


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