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Out of the Forest Onto the Wall

Wooden magnetic frames - nature paired with function and durability

Kirchen, 1 June 2021 - For some years now, wood has been celebrating its great comeback in interior design, which is also reflected in wall décor. In terms of variety, nature spoils us - there are plenty of wood types with different properties and colour nuances. At HALBE, wooden picture frames are part of a long tradition. For 75 years, we have devoted our full attention to the perfect frame. A simple and at the same time noble picture frame has, apart from the protective function of the work of art, a great influence on the aesthetic effect. That is why HALBE offers wooden magnetic frames in maple, oak, alder, ash and walnut as well as in different colour shades from white to natural, brown to black, and four different moulding widths up to 200 x 300 cm. HALBE focuses on the highest quality conbined with a sustainable approach to nature.


Wood is making an entrance

Wood is one of the oldest building materials, if not the oldest. For some time now, wooden furniture has been increasingly popular again and it will continue to be so in the years to come. Each type of wood offers a special play of colour as well as a characteristic texture with exceptional naturalness. Light woods visually organise a room and provide structure through their lightness. They are ideal to combine with pastel colours such as ice blue, a light mint or an almost white grey. Oak wood is the new trend wood with cult character. Due to its noble look, it is preferred in the furniture industry in natural as well as limed, oiled or black-stained finishes.


Picture frames - a classic design element

The picture frame as we know it today has its origins in church art. In the Baroque and Rococo eras, richly decorated picture frames with carved ornaments were "en vogue". With the discovery of photography in the 19th century, small-format unobtrusive frames came into fashion in order to draw the viewer's focus more to the picture. Today, simply framed pictures are an expression of personal style. Whether it is a watercolour, a photograph or an oil painting - a matching wooden frame emphasises the uniqueness of each picture.


Wood - HALBE's preferred material for 75 years

In 1946, the first picture frames from HALBE were made of wood. With the development of the magnetic frame, the team increasingly concentrated on aluminium. Within a few years, the aluminium frame became the epitome of the very best quality for art lovers worldwide. It combines the highest possible protection with easy picture replacement from the front in a timeless design with long-term durability. The development of a real wooden frame with the same characteristics gave Heinrich Halbe no rest. In 1995, he created the first wooden magnetic frame that lived up to HALBE's promise of quality. Since then, wooden magnetic frames also enjoy great popularity among gallery owners, museums, public institutions and private customers.


Oak - the wood in trend

Not all wood is the same - each type of wood differs in its appearance, effect and properties. Next to beech, oak is the second most common deciduous tree in our forests. For some years now, oak wood has been more in demand than ever in interior design due to its distinctive grain - this is also reflected in wall design.

A moulding in "natural oak" is an excellent way to pick up on your furniture's wood. The yellow-brown wooden moulding is perfect for framing nature photographs or pictures in strong natural tones. Black oak, on the contrast, is a classic picture frame colour. The matt black finished picture rail suits dark black and white photographs as well as vibrant pictures full of character. The modern frame has a warm effect and at the same time adds a touch of naturalness.


Light woods - the new stars

Light woods, such as maple and ash, are especially used in Scandinavian living styles. But light wood tones are also trending in children's and teenagers' rooms, as they can be combined with different furniture styles. "In our profile portfolio, we therefore also carry solid wood profiles made of ash in the colours natural, white and black," says David Halbe, Managing Director of HALBE-Rahmen GmbH. A natural ash moulding is ideal for framing landscape photographs, graphics and artworks in bold colours. A white moulding adds something special to any light-coloured artwork and lifts the radiance to a new level. In addition, when a lighter framed picture is set off on a coloured wall, the wow effect is guaranteed.


Real wood veneer - resource-friendly and sustainable

The sustainable use and careful handling of wood is close to the heart of the 60-strong HALBE team. Since every tree has its own character and transfers this to its wood, the professionals take great care in the individual production of the frames to ensure that all four slats fit perfectly with regard to optics and that the grain remains recognisable. "In order to offer this high quality in an ecologically responsible way, we use real wood veneers as a top layer on finger-jointed solid alder wood slats," David Halbe emphasises.

Alder wood is a tough and torsion-free wood that can be processed very well and has high strength. It ensures that the wooden magnetic frame does not deform over the years in response to climatic conditions, which can have a significant influence on the opening and closing function as well as the conservation properties of the frame.



On the homepage www.halbe-rahmen.de you have the possibility to follow the way of your HALBE frame from order to dispatch. Each wooden magnetic frame is unique and lovingly handcrafted. The wooden slats are sorted according to their individual characteristics so that they match perfectly in colour and grain after gluing the mitres. In addition, you will find many valuable tips about framing in the blog and knowledge section.



Art lovers' tastes are as varied as the artworks themselves. That's why HALBE stocks solid wood mouldings made of ash in the colours natural, white and black, among others.



Picture frames in natural ash or white ash give colourful motifs that special something.



Light wood tones, such as natural ash, are trendy because they can be combined with different furniture styles and go well with many pictures.


 Photo frame-oak-nature-on-a-side-table

A picture rail in "natural oak" is an excellent way to pick up on the wood of the furniture.


 fineartprinter-sella-Distance magnetic frame-oak-black

Black oak is a classic picture frame colour. The matt black lacquered moulding is perfect for dark black and white photographs as well as pictures full of character.



Black and white sketches unfold their radiance perfectly when framed with natural walnut. The dark brown wooden frame makes the black look truly black.



The wooden magnetic frames from HALBE combine the best protection possible with easy picture replacement from the front in a timeless design with long-term durability.



Each wooden magnetic frame is unique and lovingly handcrafted.


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