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Setting accents with colourful ideas

Skillful interplay of colour adds flair to rooms

Kirchen, March 19, 2019 - colour is an ideal tool for changing the effect of rooms that are too small, too dark, too low or simply unflatteringly cut. Unfortunately, we often take too careless a approach colour - whether it's choosing upholstery fabrics for the sofa, lampshades or wall design. You can't go wrong with white walls, but pictures often gain radiance on colored ones. The professionals at HALBE Rahmen( know that special attention must be paid to the choice of frame so that a graphic, lithograph, etching or photograph lends a room a special touch and blends in harmoniously with the colour arrangement.


Creative living with colour is the trend

colours are both the simplest and most complicated elements in interior design. The right use of colorful accents, can fill rooms with life and give them coziness, size and lighting conditions play a crucial role. Whites, greys and blacks are the be-all and end-all for a neutral colour scheme, but warm creams and browns are also part of the mix. Bright reds, pinks and purples call for respectful use, as they draw attention to themselves. A cool blue to a warm aquamarine tone exude serenity and calm. Any successful color combination - no matter how stark the contrast - evokes emotions and feelings. In general, colours have an effect on the overall appearance of a room. Light-colored colours make a room feel larger, while dark-colored colours make the room feel smaller. The trick is to find the right balance between the colours.


White is the "all-rounder"

No other colour epitomizes purity and freshness as perfectly as white. But not all white is the same. Most artists and interior designers always use several shades of white that differ slightly in shade. To completely white furnished rooms, artworks in pastel shades framed in white look very classy. Watercolours and prints add a touch of luxury when hung with a silver, gold or chrome coloured frame.

The radiance of white is emphasised even more when strong accents are set, e.g. etchings, charcoal sketches or black and white photographs are provided with a black aluminium or very dark wooden frame. The strong contrast of the colours creates interest and makes the room look timeless and uncluttered. Colourful motifs should be restrained and framed with a fine dark or white lacquered strip so that they can unfold their full effect on the viewer.


Courage colour

A wall painted in colour acts like a passepartout, which makes a picture stand out even more. Large pictures with very impressive motifs require a lot of space and look ideal on a light grey or sand-coloured wall. Playful pictures go wonderfully with bright wall colours such as yellow, turquoise or light green. Black framed pictures on a matte pink painted wall, are not the color combination you expect, but look highly modern.

In general, make sure that the colours of the picture and the wall complement each other while still providing some contrast. Therefore, it is advisable to frame colorful artwork on gaudy walls in white, silver, gold or black to isolate it from the surrounding color and draw the viewer's attention to the painting. "In this context, the frame strip may be made of aluminum as well as natural woods," emphasizes David Halbe, managing director of HALBE-Rahmen GmbH.


colour creates a special living atmosphere

A red color scheme can be bright, soft, but also powerful. Red is a very powerful colour, which evokes strong emotions. In interior design, red should be used with great care and should always be attractively complemented by other colour tones. Dark works of art in golden frames provide a special play of colours. But black framed black and white photographs also loosen up a wall painted deep red and achieve an "aha effect".

Lilac and mauve are timelessly beautiful colours, which are in fashion again today for wall design. Caramel tones in the interior are good for the soul. The new "toffee tones" range from butterscotch to medium chocolate and unfold a warming aura. Colourful patterned wallpapers are also trendy. Choosing contrasting wall colors ensures that a room doesn't look monotonous. "In order for a picture to generally stand out on a colored or patterned wall, it should, if possible, be paired with a passepartout, which is a shade darker or more yellow than the artwork's paper," says David Halbe. "The width of the molding depends on the size of the painting. In general, the molding color needs to support the expression of a painting and contrast clearly with the wall color."


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