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LED light frames: Putting pictures in the right light

The triumphant advance of LEDs has not only rapidly changed classic light sources in recent years - area lights, for example for the presentation of slides, digital printing or stained glass in picture frames, are also being realised on the basis of LED technology. Last but not least, light is used as an attention-grabbing element, for advertising applications at the point of sale or in building guidance systems. The possibilities are manifold: We at HALBE give light the right frame, so to speak.

Right away: You can no longer buy ready-to-connect LED magnetic frames directly from HALBE. Nevertheless, you have various options for a custom-made light frame with integrated area light. The easiest and most convenient way: You can obtain ready-to-connect frames based on the HALBE magnetic frame system directly from the well-known surface light manufacturer Hansen GmbH.

LED magnetic frames with area lights from Hansen GmbH

As a manufacturer of area lights, Hansen has a high level of consulting competence in lighting technology and can respond individually to customer wishes. This is already evident in the standard selection options and selectable specifications for magnetic frames at Hansen:

    • Formats accurate to the millimetre, up to max. 2380 x 1080 mm surface light size
    • different light colours between 6500 K and 2700 K
    • RGB and RGBW possible instead of white light, optionally with radio control
    • LED edge lighting possible in one, two or four rows
    • optionally with dimmer for infinitely variable brightness control
    • visible illuminated area/image cut-out in passepartout frame freely selectable
    • 30 mm frame width, frame surface AluNox (special colours on request)
    • other border widths and multiple cut-outs possible on request
    • with Plexiglas Gallery UV100 Antireflex, optionally other types of glass
    • picture locks and elements for rope suspension available


  • HALBE Magnetic frame system, optimised for Hansen area lights


If you have any questions about LED technology and would like a quotation, please contact Hansen GmbH directly. Questions about the design of the magnetic frame that are not related to the lighting technology can also be answered by the .

On request, we can also supply magnetic frames without lighting technology as a semi-finished product if you would like to present your own area lights or products other than Hansen GmbH area lights in a magnetic frame.

Explanations for individual pictures/application examples:

4-1-blog-LEDLED magnetic frame with AluNox surface, corresponds to the Hansen standard variant with 30 mm wide frame profile


5-1-blog-LEDLED magnetic frame with a special Alu 15 profile, possible on request for project requirements, narrow aluminium profile, even illumination


6-1-blog-LEDAluminium LED frame with passepartout, also available with wooden strip on request


7-1-blog-LEDLED magnetic frame with narrow profile, the lateral LEDs become invisible in the slide due to the black printed border


8-1-blog-LEDXL LED frame, 1x2 metres © ABD architects, Exhibition "ABD architects: 20 years of dialog" in the State Pushkin Museum


9-1-blog-LED Light frame with passe-partout frame, matt black, 3 x Polaroid transparent
© Andreas Hentschel / The Impossible Project

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