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Set the scene for image series: Tips & Tricks

Creative and changeable: The picture rail

Anyone who likes to redecorate and adapt their pictures to the season or mood is well advised to use a picture rail. This offers space for a variety of decorations and can be easily changed depending on your mood. For larger open spaces, you can also work with several picture strips, which you can arrange staggered or one above the other. This creates an effective overall work of art that turns the formerly bare wall into an eye-catcher. In addition to large framed photos and artwork, which should form the basis of your design, picture rails offer space for other, suitably coordinated design elements. Depending on the depth of the picture rail, you can give free rein to your creativity and set exciting accents with decorative postcards, vases, candles, books, mirrors, plants, wooden letters and much more. By changing arrangements on the picture rail, the impression of a room can change completely, which is why this form of wall design is well suited for creative minds and friends of home remodeling.


Straightforward and orderly: The edge hanging

If you want to hang several framed pictures in different sizes, the edge hanging is a good way to create a coherent overall picture despite the different picture frame formats. With this type of picture arrangement, all the motifs are aligned along an imaginary centre line. For an orderly impression, you should make sure to use uniform picture frames and hang all pictures at exactly the same distance from each other, so that only the height of the individual picture frames varies. This classic form of wall design makes it possible to hang motifs of different sizes in an orderly fashion and is also suitable for rooms with low ceilings.

Tip: To get an impression of the later mural, you should first arrange the picture frames on the floor or, as in the picture below, position boxes on the wall. This way you can find out the best possible arrangement of the motifs by trial and error. To get the pictures on an exact line on the wall, a stretched string or masking tape, aligned with the help of a spirit level, helps.

Edge hanging


Exhibition in your own four walls: The gallery rail

Take a cue from the professionals and hang your pictures the way they are done in professional galleries, museums and exhibition houses: with a gallery rail that is mounted under the ceiling. Horizontally sliding ropes are anchored in the rails, from which the pictures are hung. This has the advantage that picture frames as well as the height and spacing of the picture motifs can be changed again and again without leaving any traces due to drill holes or the like. A wall design with gallery rails looks particularly noble in rooms with high ceilings and large-format picture series.

Gallery Rail Living Room


Three become one: the triptych

A picture that consists of several individual images is particularly exciting for the eye. Probably the best known and most popular form is the triptych, a three-part picture that forms a common unit. In order to strengthen the coherence of the picture, you should hang the individual parts of the triptych in identical picture frames with a small distance between them and on one line. Thanks to the small interruptions, a large picture on the wall thus appears even more exciting and captivates the viewer's gaze.


Through a creative wall design with beautifully framed pictures of a series and a matching suspension, you give your rooms a new look. Whether you choose a classic hanging or a changeable picture rail depends on your picture motifs, your interior design style and personal preferences. However, it is certain that your home will gain significantly in living quality and personality with a decorative wall design.