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For some years now, wood has been celebrating its great comeback in interior design, which is also reflected in wall decor. At HALBE, wooden picture frames are a long tradition. That is why HALBE offers wooden magnetic frames in maple, oak, alder, ash and walnut as well as in different colour shades from white to natural, brown to black, and four different moulding widths up to 200 x 300 cm. HALBE focuses on the highest quality with a sustainable approach to nature.
The 3D constructions of Pop Art artist James Rizzi, who died in 2011, are known all over the world. We at HALBE are often asked how to properly frame such a work. Here we explain how to properly present your Rizzi 3D.
As part of his exhibition for his diploma at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, Philipp Benkert deals with September 11 and its shadows. The result are impressive forensic photographs of burnt mobile phones that cast deep shadows.
A collection of Japanese colour woodblock prints was rediscovered at the Kunstmuseum Moritzburg in Halle (Saale). The prints from the 18th century were refurbished for the first time and then presented harmoniously and safely in Conservo magnetic frame.
The unit picture-passepartout-frame is of considerable importance so that a picture can unfold its full radiance. In addition to the selection of the passepartout-colour, the passepartout art and the cutting should be given the greatest attention. For 75 years, the HALBE team has known the subtleties that must be observed in a perfect framing with passepartout so that the viewer's eye is drawn to the picture and remains in his memory
In the 80s, the Biberach photographer Jean Gallus created a photo series of his hometown. More than 30 years later, Dr. Wilfried Forschner follows his photographic traces and creates a unique hanging for his practice with the result.
The classic picture frame was designed for framing flat works of art. Increasingly, artists are working with multiple layers, characterful wavy papers or creating elaborate collages. But also special mementos, certificates with relief-like seals or precious sketches are increasingly framed for conservation and effective staging. For this, you need one thing: the Distance magnetic frame that offers space between the glass and the back wall.
The new exhibition by master photographer Flo Maak can be seen in Frankfurt until 30 April 2021. The focus is on plants, animals and volcanoes - and our coexistence with nature on a damaged planet.
The most important thing when buying a picture frame is that a particular picture fits into the frame. It is not always possible to fit pictures to the frame in terms of size, especially when it comes to older and rare pictures or photos. That is why it is important for the buyer to be familiar with the relevant technical terms
Most teenagers like to decorate their youth room with posters to always have their interests in mind. Movie posters are just as popular as pictures of their favorite bands and famous actors or cool sayings. But as is often the case, tastes change quickly, which is why new motifs are always needed. Smart is who renounces thumbtacks or even nails - they leave over the years many unsightly holes in the plaster or in the wallpaper and of course in the poster
Picture frames embellish every wall - a coloured wall, however, can present a certain challenge. After all, your motifs should be shown to advantage without appearing cluttered. Picture frames offer you plenty of options, whether in black, white, metal or wood.
Square framed pictures have enjoyed great popularity not only since Instagram & Co. Renowned painters, such as Gustav Klimt, liked to immortalize their expressive paintings on square canvases. Nowadays, smartphone users upload square pictures to social networks. Generally, square pictures represent high quality and detailed imagery. A square picture frame can enhance the charisma of an image while emphasizing the image dynamics. In addition, square framed pictures offer greater design freedom when it comes to hanging
Whether it's a short board or a long shelf space - if you pack a shelf full of books, it will look very squat and not particularly attractive. A nice change are picture frames in which you present a charming saying, a modern graphic or even an impressive black and white shot. HALBE Frame shows you how to arrange picture frames artfully in or on a shelf and which models are best suited for this.
The sketchbook is often a designer's faithful companion, ideas and drafts are visualized in it - and communicated. The sketch reveals what is simmering in the head, spontaneous inspirations are recorded. The essence of the later product is often already revealed in the sketch. And the personality and working method of the designer
Black and white artworks are something very special and have experienced a kind of renaissance in recent years. The pictorial content must speak for itself. By reducing to the essential, black and white photographs, charcoal sketches and etchings can surprise the viewer and draw the eye to the motif. The selection of a suitable picture frame should be given the greatest possible attention, as it supports the artistic and aesthetic effect
With STOPOVER, master's students of photography show the intermediate stages of their artistic development at the Museum Folkwang. The diverse works found their perfect stage in our HALBE magnetic frames.
Artwork should be well protected from external influences. Our supplier and market leader KLUG lists the most important quality features of conservational cardboard.
What is the difference between a simple passepartout and a folding passepartout? HALBE shows the basic differences and advantages, so that you can choose the right option for yourself!
On 19.10.2020 the exhibition opening of Holger Matthies' "Trias" took place in Hamburg. The poster artist creates completely new narratives and contexts by rearranging the images in triads.

Frames in use

Isabell Steinert

The Freiburg photographer Isabell Steinert accompanies families from pregnancy to birth to the puerperium in a documentary yet artistic style.
From the concept to the realization of an art exhibition, many aspects have to be considered. Realizing an exhibition is very time-consuming - at the beginning of every exhibition project is the detailed planning - topic, exhibition location, target group, timing, financing, etc.. No matter if it is about impressive photographs, fancy lithographs or extravagant paintings - every exhibition should ideally arouse curiosity and interest among art lovers.
At the first Leica "Nature Day", there were exciting lectures and workshops on sports and nature photography. The renowned bike photographer Markus Greber led a workshop and presented a breathtaking shot of the Alps.
In this 40th jubilee year of the Leica Oskar Barnack Award, Leica Camera AG is honouring Luca Locatelli and Gonçalo Fonseca as the 2020 winners.
Cordula Flegel's photographs of alpine plants provide a special eye-catcher in the new rooms of the Hotel Ameron Neuschwanstein near Lake Alpsee
Two becomes one: The optimal museum picture frame with distance. Beauty is fleeting - thousands of pictures and paintings prove the opposite. With the right framing and care they often outlast centuries. In recent years, the focus of museums and art collectors has shifted significantly towards the prevention of art objects. HALBE Framing has therefore further developed the Conservo magnetic frame proven in European museums. Under the motto "play it safe with a distance", the Conservo-Distance magnetic frame was developed, which combines the best of several frame variants. It offers optimal conservation conditions for flat works on paper that are particularly worthy of protection and slightly three-dimensional objects that are to be mounted plano or free-floating. Simple framing from the top and magnetic spacer bars, in addition to a well thought-out design, are the distinguishing features of the new CONSERVO-DISTANCE frame.
Photo magazine FineArtPrinter recently published the triptych of photographer Martin Eringer, framed in HALBE magnetic frame. It shows the over 400-year-old stairs in the historic Löpsinger Gate in a new light.
When it comes to the color selection for the frame and passepartout, the choice of cardboard is usually one of our three white shades. In addition to these classics and a black material, there is now a new, light gray shade for cartons at HALBE.
The Museum Project thanks the National Museum of History and Art (MNHA) Luxembourg with a generous donation of contemporary photographies. A special exhibition displays a selection of these artworks and is now free to visit.
IBGosch in Kiel, Germany, offers fineArt prints and framing in exhibition quality for artists and art lovers. They are one of our HALBE premium partners.
The New BFF Award 2020 is awarded according to the theme: "elementar", or "elemental". The exhibition displays the interesting artworks of this year's finalists and gives new perspectives on highly relevant topics.
The New BFF Award 2020 is awarded according to the theme: "elementar", or "elemental". The exhibition displays the interesting artworks of this year's finalists and gives new perspectives on highly relevant topics.
f³ displays a selection of works from this year's LUMIX Festival edition for yong photojournalism from August 14 to September 27. It addresses struggles for freedom, discrimination, emancipation, climate changes and more.
Photographer Jochen Kohl shares a step by step tutorial on how to turn a RAW photography into a printed art work. Now freely accessible on YouTube.
Works of art in XXL format place special demands on frames and hanging, as they can quickly weigh 70 kg and more. HALBE-Rahmen knows exactly what to look for when framing art objects, so that the value of the image is fully appreciated.
During a period of 8 years, the photographer Véronique Kolber travelled several times to the "States". This resulted in her AMERICAN DIORAMA , a very personal photo series inspired by Eggleston and Shore about her travels and everyday life in America. Inspired by films and her own experiences as a film set photographer, Véronique Kolber developed this project to its present form: "fictitious location spotting for a non-existing movie".
The photographer Thomas Bergbold enjoys travelling by the sea or in the mountains - in addition to North America, he also likes to be in the Alps, on Mallorca or in Scandinavia. The pictures in his latest exhibition were taken on various road trips, mainly through Canada and the USA. Snapshots from everyday life alternate with magnificent nature and places of longing.
Hanging pictures skilfully has presented many an art lover with great challenges. In addition to choosing the right picture frame and the right location, the type of mounting and suspension plays an important role in the presentation of photographs, graphics and other prints. Whether with nails or screws on the wall, by means of a gallery rail on perlon or wire ropes - each hanging method has its advantages and disadvantages.
Unconscious Places is the name he applied early on to that portion of his street photographs that originated in Düsseldorf and went on to include London, New York, as well as Japan, China, Korea, Peru, and Russia. A selection of these works was recently shown in Thomas Struth's most extensive exhibition at the Museo Guggenheim Bilbao (October 2, 2019 - January 19, 2020). They were framed in CONSERVO magnetic frames by HALBE.
Andy Grabo, photographer and Youtuber, shows you how he designs and realizes his photo wall. In particular, he goes into the planning in Photoshop, printing, framing and hanging on the wall.
Kirchen, May 14, 2020 - Wooden frames are the classics among picture frames. The processing of wooden strips is firmly anchored in the company history of HALBE frames. 25 years ago Heinrich HALBE succeeded in developing the first high-quality magnetic frame made of solid wood, which met the high quality requirements for protection and comfort. On the occasion of the wooden frame anniversary at HALBE the popular ash wood with its characterful grain was added to the portfolio as a filigree wooden frame in colours natural, white and black.
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