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From 15.02.2019 to 07.04.2019 the "Städtische Galerie" in Iserlohn presents the exhibition LYS - A tribute to the light of the north with photographs by Sandra Bartocha and Werner Bollman.

"QUERdenker entdecken die Vielfalt"

Since May 25, visitors have been able to marvel at the exhibition "QUERdenker entdecken die Vielfalt" ("Out of the box thinkers discover diversity") in Rostock at the Staatliches Amt für Landwirtschaft und Umwelt Mittleres Mecklenburg, or StALU MM for short. Pupils of the Erasmus-Gymnasium Rostock designed the corridor of the 11th floor of the Rostock State Office with their own paintings and photos.

"Facets of a Hamburg Life"

The exhibition "Foto Germin - Facets of a Hamburg Life" will be held at the Central Library Hamburg from 19.07 to 30.08 2018. On display are pictures by the photographer Germin, which portray the city of Hamburg in relation to the world of work, urban development and reconstruction

Keji - On the Banks of the White Nile

Since 28 June 2018, L'Atelier in Pontresina has been showing photos by Gian Giovanoli in its current exhibition entitled "Keji - On the Banks of the White Nile", taken directly from the heart of South Sudan and depicting the life of the Mundari people.

Prince House Gallery at the Photo Basel

From June 12 to 17, the Prince House Gallery was a guest at Photo Basel. Works by Gerhard Vormwald, Robert Häusser, Otto Steinert, Peter Mathis and many other artists from the gallery were presented here.
On February 1, 2018, the exhibition Kriegskinder by Frederike Helwig and Anne Waak started at f³ - Freiraum für Fotografie in Berlin. The exhibition portrays people who experienced war first hand and captures their memories

Birthday present for company boss

A beautiful gift idea! The collage of four aerial photos of the Frankana company, framed in HALBE frames, was a gift from the employees to their company boss for his 80th birthday.

LYS - An Hommage to the Light of the North

Four years, four countries, two photographers, one aesthetic signature for the whole North - LYS. "Lys" - the Norwegian and Danish word for light could not be more fitting for a project dedicated to the magical light of the North! Over a period of four years, renowned nature photographers Sandra Bartocha and Werner Bollmann have travelled the landscapes of Scandinavia
French President Emmanuel Macron himself was very taken with Ursula Schregel's idea for the work Le coq se bat avec Marine /La victoire du coq (The rooster fights with Marine/The victory of the rooster)

Bosch exhibition in Stuttgart

The Bosch photo exhibition is located on the ground floor of the new building, which was completed in 2017. The building is part of the new IT Campus Feuerbach, the headquarters of Bosch IT worldwide. The photographs are by photographer Rainer Horn and show the famous Wynwood Walls in Miama, Florida.
BFF photographer Dominik Paunetto recently exhibited his series "Chicago fog" at Dezernat 16 of Heidelberg's Creative Industries Center as part of OFF//FOTO 2017. These are black and white architectural photographs from Chicago.

Photobastei Zurich - Miroslav Tichý

The current exhibition with around 140 works by Miroslav Tichý is on show at Photobastei Zurich until 5 November. Curator Adi Hoesle takes the visitor on a virtual journey through Tichý's hometown Kyiov.


The works of the Hachenburg photographer Doris Kohlhas show unusual views and perspectives. The consistent form of black-and-white photography - reduced to the essential and focused on the interior - thus leaves the superficial behind and intensifies the impression of the emotional.
The works of the nine photographers show a variety of subjective perceptions and values in the real everyday world. Under the title Living Inventory, their image series present personal photographic views of concise phenomena of the present, of social contexts, private relationships, and fragile constructions of the memory of the past.
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Amsterdam agency NOOR - light in Arabic - the exhibition NOOR by NOOR presents for the first time in Germany a unique photography collective of the most significant political and social developments of the past 10 years.

Giving Hope with Pictures

A long hospital corridor with grey wall paint - a place where no one likes to linger for long. The surgical department at St. Elisabeth Hospital in Cologne-Hohenlind has counteracted this with a simple remedy.

Illusions - abstract photographs

In colourful compositions, the boundaries between photography and abstract painting blur. The works of Dirk Schelpmeier, created by means of long time and multiple exposures, take the viewer into a non-objective, partly mystical world of images.

BFF Aufschlag 09

The 9th BFF-Aufschlag in Hamburg last weekend is over. For the first time the BBF-Aufschlag-Award for the best exhibited picture was awarded. Each certificate was framed in HALBE.

Manfred Koch - Impressions of some exhibitions

In recent years, the photos of photographer Manfred Koch have been shown at several individual exhibitions in Germany and abroad. In 2014 he was appointed to the German Photographic Association (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photografie). Some of the photos of his recent exhibition can be seen here. His last show in Graz was called "Von anderen Stätten".

How Companies Become Brands

Beaming faces at the 2017 annual kick-off event of the Siegen Marketing Club at the Porsche Centre. The Marketing Award goes to Esta Rohr, and was framed by HALBE.

Exceptional use as a "Word Clock

Unusual use of our Classic magnetic frame as a word clock. This clock shows the current time in words. Ulrich Radig has rebuilt the "Word Clock" and shows his hobbyist project in his article.

SHOW & ORDER - Interior and product design

The new trade show format SHOW & ORDER features two photos by Berlin photographer Daniel Reiter from his latest exhibition. Framed by Halbe Rahmen the photos are perfectly integrated into the concept of the exhibitors.

German Design Council's Christmas Presents

The German Design Council gave away HALBE frames to their employees for the Christmas party. Framed was a portrait picture of the respective employee or, as seen here, a greeting card from Vitra with a motif by Alexander Girard.

"Flowers" at Gallery 206

As of today, the beautiful flower photographs from the series "Flowers" by photographer Silke Lauffs can be viewed in the GALERIE 206 in Berlin. They are framed in HALBE magnetic frames.
It requires consistency to create a coherent overall look when arranging many photos or objects side by side.
What did Günter Grass, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, learn at the Düsseldorf Art Academy between 1948 and 1952?
From March 18 to May 16, 2016, the traveling exhibition "Verlagerungen" by the artist couple Max Becher and Andrea Robbins made a stop at the Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Siegen
A small exhibition of works by J. Konrad Schmidt is currently on display at the Louvre, Paris.

Cafeteria modernisation

Common areas in schools should be beautifully furnished and decorated. At the Fritz-Schumacher Comprehensive School in Hamburg Langenhorn, this motto has now been implemented as part of a project.
Few people know St. Pauli as well as press photographer Günter Zint. He meanders through the streets of St. Pauli with camera in hand, always searching for a fresh angle, a new image.

Opportunities Realized

The dry plate or gelatine process is a method which was used in the early days of photography. Snapshots and negatives could be produced more easily in this way.
Four generations of the Fäßler family have documented their story in a rather unusual picture book, from tourist farm house to a five-star spa resort.
Another station of the travelling exhibition was the Hoffmann von Fallersleben Museum in Wolfsburg