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Since September 8, the Museum Ratingen presents the new exhibition "Superland Superrheinland" with works by the artist Renata Jaworska. The exhibition can be visited until 6 January 2019. Topographies are thematized with the traces of people's movements, which Jaworska records in paintings and drawings.

Simply Beautiful!?

On 06.05 the special exhibition "Einfach nur schön!" (Simply Beautiful) opened in the Paul Seuthe Museum in Werdohl. The operator of the museum, Thomas Benecke, presents floral still life and nature motifs for this year's theme.

"Greed for new images"

From 29 September 2017 to 8 April 2018, the German Historical Museum in Berlin hosted the exhibition "Greed for New Images. Pamphlets, illustrated sheets, comic strips" took place. This exhibition focuses on the field of pictorial media, which transmitted important news and propaganda even before the invention of photography.
In the Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus in Augsburg the exhibition Nature & Destruction by the artist couple Daniel and Geo Fuchs takes place from 23.02 to 15.04. For this series the couple has used a new technique. A robot camera delivers the image material, which was put together to a new picture

When letters dissolve into their pure form

For its current exhibition "Spuren im Licht“ (Traces in the Light) the Kleihues Museum and its visitors go on a quest for works of art that very much allow different perspectives.

Alexander Girard. A designer's universe

With this exhibition the Vitra Design Museum praises one of the most influential textile and interior designers of the 20th century - Alexander Girard. He was a pioneer of postwar US-American design and created furniture and fabrics, as well as buildings.
From March 18 to May 16, 2016, the traveling exhibition "Verlagerungen" by the artist couple Max Becher and Andrea Robbins made a stop at the Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Siegen
The photographic series RIVALIS by Stefan Stößel is now on display in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig.
A small exhibition of works by J. Konrad Schmidt is currently on display at the Louvre, Paris.

Abstract watercolours by Ingrid Krüger

From 6 to 26 February, Ingrid Krüger is showing her large-format watercolours in HALBE magnetic frames in the Tübingen Kulturhalle. Under the title Schichtungen, 22 works executed in the technique of glazing layers are presented.
The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam reopened its freshly renovated Philips Wing with an exhibition entitled Modern Times.
Until 22 September 2013, over 100 works by Germany's most successful cartoonist, Uli Stein, will be presented to the public at the Museum auf dem Burghof in Springe. All originals and signed first prints are in folding passepartouts with HALBE frames.
Jewish ritual baths is a touring exhibition which runs from 5 May 2011 – 30 October 2011. The Frankfurt photographer Peter Seidel highlights the architectural intricacies and variety of construction styles used in Jewish ritual baths throughout Europe.
From 24 January to 2 May 2010, the First German Silhouette Museum in Vreden is dedicating a special exhibition to the artist Narada entitled "Mandala Silhouettes".
From 2 June – 31 October 2012, the House of History of the Federal Republic of Germany, Bonn presented "Wild Times" – a collection of photographs by Günter Zint – as part of the "Islands of Photography" series at the Heligoland Museum.
Another station of the travelling exhibition was the Hoffmann von Fallersleben Museum in Wolfsburg

An exhibition and its frames on tour

In cooperation with the Haus der Geschichte in Bonn, German photographer Günter Zint, who likes to call himself an applied photographer, developed the exhibition "Wilde Zeiten" (Wild times).