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With her impressive light project, Sylwia Synak shows how lighting and colour create a multifaceted sensual experience. The series Light-Art, Night-Art and Echo-Art inspire the viewer in a multi-layered way.


As part of this year's exhibition "gute aussichten-junge deutsche fotografie 2018/2019", the nine award winners will exhibit their works. Among them is Malte Sänger with his work "Abdrücke". The exhibition will take place from 06.04.2019 to 10.06.2019 at the Landesmuseum Koblenz at the Festung Ehrenbreitstein.


From 14.12 2018 to 08.03 2019 the TEN Gallery in Mannheim shows the exhibition ONE WAY with photographs by Andrea Klein and Ralf Müller. On display are photos from a road trip through the "Flyover States".

"Jin - Jiyan - Azadi" Women, Life, Freedom

From 18 August to 07 September 2018, visitors can marvel at the exhibition "Jin - Jiyan - Azadi" Women, Life, Freedom with photos by Sonja Hamad. The photographer travelled to northern Syria and northern Iraq in 2015 and 2016 to document the everyday life of Kurdish women who have joined the freedom struggle of guerrilla fighters and women's defence units. The photographs show impressive portraits of the women, whose faces reflect events of past experiences, as well as landscapes and detail shots.

"Maps and Territories"

Renata Jaworska is showing her exhibition "Maps and Territories" at BWA Kielce in Poland from 03 to 31 August 2018. The exhibition is about feelings of belonging and problems with them and takes up various themes such as family history and the power of faith

Anything other than ordinary

Artist John Schmitz has a distinctive way of drawing his works. Since 2011, he has been producing a series of artworks with just a few working utensils that deal with the theme of temporality by stringing together transverse figure eights.
The works of the nine photographers show a variety of subjective perceptions and values in the real everyday world. Under the title Living Inventory, their image series present personal photographic views of concise phenomena of the present, of social contexts, private relationships, and fragile constructions of the memory of the past.

similar, all-too-similar

The work "ähnlich, allzuähnlich" (similar, all too similar) is a collaborative and conceptual work involving ten photographers from Germany and Switzerland who specialize in art reproduction. Jürgen Meyer-Isenmann asked them to photograph his 2010 work "Unmut dem Prinzip".
The artistic work "Deutschland Reiseatlas 2014/2015, 1:200 000" by Miki Lin is comprised of a total of 106 DIN A3 drawings framed in white Alu Distance magnetic frames. What's interesting is the graphic process of abstraction of the river names but also the way the frames are hung. Close together, side by side and on top of each other the individual frames create a large map of Germany constructed by river names.
The photographic series RIVALIS by Stefan Stößel is now on display in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig.
A small exhibition of works by J. Konrad Schmidt is currently on display at the Louvre, Paris.
Take a Distance D20 magnetic frame, a foam sheet, a creative idea, glass particles and there you have it, a mosaic by Meersburg artist Edelgard Brecht.
The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam reopened its freshly renovated Philips Wing with an exhibition entitled Modern Times.