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Exceptional use as a "Word Clock

Ulrich Radig used our frames in a completely different way and rebuilt a "Word Clock" as well as providing a Do-It-Your-Self tutorial on how to rebuild such a clock. The clock shows the current time in words and updates itself via NTP. A HALBE magnetic frame acts as a frame for the clock here. The pre-punched hanging holes in the basic element make it easy to hang up the clock later.

LEDs are used as illuminants for the individual letters. So any colour of the rainbow can be selected. The light shafts for the LEDs are cut from a fine-pored dense foam using a CNC water cutting machine.

The colour with the cut-outs for the letters is screen-printed onto the glass pane and can be finished using foil and a cutting plotter. Further information as well as the kit without the printed front pane can be found on the website

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