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Frames in use

"Kriegskinder" Portraits of War Children in HALBE Frames

Exhibition opening Kriegskinder

On February 1, 2018, the opening of the exhibition Kriegskinder by Frederike Helwig and Anne Waak took place at f³ (Freiraum für Fotografie). The focus is on those who grew up during the Second World War and experienced the pain and suffering of that time first hand. Kriegskinder shows 44 different portraits of people who belong to the last generation of contemporary witnesses and whose memories will soon have disappeared. The exhibition attempts to portray and record these very people with their individual memories.


Frames in use

The exhibition is presented in picture frames from HALBE. The simple, white aluminium picture frames with the profile Alu 8, fit perfectly to the portraits and offer them a special stage, but do not move into the foreground. This creates a beautiful interplay between portrait and frame.

Time for reflection

Visitors can still admire the emotional exhibition until 8 April 2018. In addition to the portraits, interview excerpts of the war children provide insight into the time of the Second World War. Thus, visitors are faced with the task of coming to terms with the fate of the war children and reflecting on the period of National Socialism. In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to take part in a contemporary witness talk. This will take place on 7 March 2018. The book Kriegskinder, by Helwig and Waak, which goes with the exhibition, can also be purchased at the f³.

Images: Heike Overberg