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Long Thought to be Lost Works by Günter Grass

Source: The Lübeck Museums - Günter Grass House

What did Günter Grass, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, learn at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf between 1948 and 1952?

Everyone can answer this question after the current exhibition Don't fence me in in Lübeck's Günter Grass Haus. Drawings, watercolours and sculptures are on display that no one knew about for a long time - not even the artist himself. The exhibition is a substrate of his experiments with different art styles. At times he was an impressionist, an expressionist, a surrealist and then again a cubist.

These particular works were thought to be lost until 2013, when Grass's next tenant in Düsseldorf found them under a staircase. He recognized their value and gave them to their creator. Now, a year after Grass's death, the exhibition opens.

Some of these extraordinary finds were presented in Classic magnetic frames (Wood 10).