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The double image for the French presidential election campaign

French President Emmanuel Macron himself was very taken with Ursula Schregel's idea for the work Le coq se bat avec Marine /La victoire du coq (The rooster fights with Marine/The victory of the rooster). Ursula Schregel's "double image" was created during the French presidential elections.

On the genesis of the work

The concern about who might be elected president and the fact that France is the artist's second home obviously influenced her artistic work, even if she was not really aware of it at the time she created the double picture.

It was only a few days after the completion of the painting, which was initially intended as a landscape format, that it became clear that it was not only the national colours of France, but also the grimacing face of a woman who is in a fight with a cock, the Gallic cock, the French heraldic animal and national symbol of the French. Ursula Schregel called the picture "Le coq se bat (avec Marine)" (The cock fights with Marine).

When Macron finally won the election by a clear 66.1%, the artist turned the picture into the vertical, giving the rooster a completely new and superior presence. Since then, the vertical version of the painting has been called La victoire du coq (The victory of the rooster)

Emmanuel Macron's response to the double image

Emmanuel Macron has seen the images and sent Ursula Schregel a response through his head of cabinet:

"Very taken with your idea and the work that was created during his election, the Head of State has instructed me to thank you most sincerely and above all to wish that the originality of your images, receive the recognition and success they deserve."

Le chef de Cabinet du Président de la Republique

Francois-Xavier Lauch,

Paris, 19, septembre 2017

Limited edition of the work in HALBE-frame

In the meantime, this original painting is also available in both portrait or landscape versions as a limited edition of 10, dated and signed, in 50 x 60 cm format as a fineartprint on Hahnemühle.

Price per print in the HALBE frame 60 x 70 cm with Mirogard glass and passepartout: 325 Euro

"Hommage à la MERe" as 6-part fineartprint series

In addition, the 6-part fineart print series "haut en couleur 1-6" in the format 30x42cm on Hahnemühle as a limited and signed edition of 10.

Price per print in HALBE-frame 50 x 60 cm with Mirogard glass and passepartout: 225 Euro.
Some copies are still available.

Photos: Ursula Schregel
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