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Museum Get-Together 2016 - with HALBE

Under the motto "Museum communicates" 9 speakers talk about their museums and their projects. Besides other exhibitors from the exhibiting and museum technology branches HALBE was one of the leading companies for picture presentation and demonstrated the magnetic frame principle as well as special picture frames for museums – the Conservo and Protect frames.


Photokina 2016 - Masters of Photography

HALBE Rahmen was at the Photokina Convention 2016 in Cologne, which took place from 20 to 25 September. A photo exhibition titled "Masters of Photography" in hall 1, organized by Leica Camera, featured pictures that were framed by HALBE-Rahmen.
Halbe-Rahmen has won yet another award! The Rat für Formgebung (Council for Design) awarded the company with the German Brand Award 2016 for Industry Excellence in Branding - Consumer Goods.


Setting the right frame

"Setting the right frame" - Unter diesem Titel erschien vor wenigen Wochen ein englischsprachiger Artikel in The Collectors Chronicle, der sich mit der Entstehung des Halbe-Magnetrahmen Prinzip, seiner stetigen Weiterentwicklung und der Familienführung beschäftigt.
New magnetic frame wins international premium award for excellent product design at the German Design Award 2016.