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Each frame is unique

The perfect stage for the picture: with the high-quality frames from HALBE, lithographs, paintings, photos, etchings and other works of art are perfectly staged - whether they are hung in museums, public institutions, industrial buildings or in private homes. HALBE frames are distinguished not only by German craftsmanship but also by design and function in perfection. With the magnetic frame principle, the "works of art" can be easily and conveniently framed and replaced from the front.


The perfect stage for the picture

Whether lithograph, painting, photograph or etching - every picture only really comes into its own when it is perfectly framed and staged. They evoke memories of beautiful moments or transport the viewer into another world. Since 1946, the unrestricted attention of the family HALBE has belonged to the subject of framing. From humble beginnings in a small workshop, the company has become one of the world's leading quality manufacturers of high-quality picture frames. The know-how of David Halbe and his team is in demand for the framing of valuable unique pieces and paintings for museums and galleries, but also for works of art for public institutions, industrial buildings or private households.

2-photo frame

The perfect stage for the picture: With the high-quality frames from HALBE, paintings, photos and other works of art are perfectly presented.


Versatile picture presentation

"The possibilities of the picture presentation are as various as the pictures themselves", David HALBE, managing director of the HALBE-Rahmen GmbH, knows to report. There are many details to consider when choosing the right frame. For example, a picture can be framed flush with the surface, with a passe-partout, free-floating or on a base. Basically, the effect and charisma of a "work of art" is decisive. "Small pictures, for example, are hardly noticed by the viewer without the right framing and picture presentation. It is therefore advisable to frame them with a passe-partout or free-floating, so that they achieve their true effect and the viewer's eye is drawn to the picture," stresses David HALBE. "To help our customers get an overview of the many ways to display and mount images, we've built a knowledge area on our website that provides information about the various framing and hanging options." You can access the knowledge area here. Generally, however, the choice of frame depends on personal taste. In addition to the large selection of frame profiles from the standard range, HALBE therefore also offers the production of special mouldings as required for larger projects.


HALBE-frames means precision in detail

Nothing is left to chance in the manufacture of HALBE frames. Best quality combined with high-class workmanship is the be-all and end-all for the team of more than 50 people. The flush 45 degree mitre of the profile strips is hardly visible - let alone tangible - due to careful handwork. Each frame is manufactured exactly according to the customer's wishes and requirements. In addition to 40 standard formats, HALBE offers the exact production of frames up to 200 x 300 cm. The robust profile frames, whether in aluminium or wood, are connected by embossed steel angles in the four corners. "Fire protection issues as well as optimal conservation conditions for sensitive artworks worthy of protection are no problem for us," says David HALBE.


In the manufacture of HALBE-frames nothing is left to chance. In careful manual work e.g. with the help of a rubber hammer for a clean transition at the edges is ensured.


Masterpieces framed by master craftsmen

In the last few months, HALBE has, among other things, been responsible for the framing of works of art by Edvard Munch for the new Munch Museum at the harbour in Oslo, for which an intelligent framing solution had to be created. The focus was not only on the question of the historically correct framing in the sense of the artist, but also on all questions of the conservational demands of the unique pieces. In order to present the important works safely and securely to the world, a special stable interior framing was developed to protect the painting - from touch, harmful UV rays and theft. This interior framing technique, specially designed for the Munch Museum, remains hidden from the viewer and correctly showcases the artworks through an authentic, contemporary exterior frame from WERNER MURRER RAHMEN.


For the Munch Museum in Oslo, HALBE-frames has designed an inner frame for the artworks of Edvard Munch that protects the pictures from contact, harmful UV rays and theft.


Multiple awards

The pioneering spirit of HALBE-frames has been recognized several times with design awards. One particular innovation was the development of the magnetic frame principle, which forms the basis for all of today's frames. It allows a picture to be framed easily and conveniently from the front - without turning or flipping. Thanks to the magnetic opening and closing of the frame, unique pictures or documents can be framed in a flash without any tools. An even glass print ensures that the picture and passe-partout lie flat.


With the magnetic frame principle, the "works of art" can be easily and conveniently framed and replaced from the front.


"The possibilities for picture presentation are as varied as the pictures themselves. We manufacture frames exactly according to the requirements and wishes of our customers," emphasizes David HALBE.

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