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Square: The special image format with charisma

Arrange pictures in style with square frames from HALBE

Churches, 23 Feb. 2021 - Square framed pictures have enjoyed great popularity not only since Instagram & Co. Renowned painters, such as Gustav Klimt, liked to immortalize their expressive paintings on square canvases. However, the square image format also shaped photography in the last century. Famous professional photographers were passionate about shooting square with Rolleiflex or Hasselblad cameras. Nowadays, smartphone users upload square images to social networks. Generally, square pictures represent high quality and detailed imagery. A square picture frame can enhance the charisma of an image while emphasizing the image dynamics. In addition, square framed pictures offer greater design freedom when it comes to hanging. The professionals at HALBE-frames know about the harmonious effect of square artworks.


Square - the special picture format

Even though pictures are often presented in a rectangular format, the square plays an important role in art. The "Black Square" by Kasimir Malevich is considered an icon and the beginning of non-objective, abstract art. The Russian painter Mark Rotko even made the square the center of his paintings. Gustav Klimt also loved this harmonious format. In 1909 he completed one of his important works "The Kiss" on a 180 x 180 cm canvas.

The square picture format also played a formative role in photography. The initial spark came in 1929 with the two-eye Rolleiflex, which exposed 12 pictures on a roll of film with its negative format of 6 x 6 cm. Famous photographers preferred medium format photography because the square image format allowed them to crop the image at any time. The Polaroid SX-70, developed by Dr. Edwin H. Land in 1972, contributed to the popularity of square pictures among amateur photographers. Today, the square pictures with the characteristic white base are the epitome of instant photography.

But Instagram has also given wings to the square format. Two Stanford graduates, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, tinkered with a photo service for smartphone users in the spring of 2010. The name Instagram was meant to evoke Telegram and instant cameras. Thus, the square image format was quickly established. Today, over 1 billion users use Instagram and share their most beautiful square photos every day. 


Square framing emphasizes the image message

To this day, square artwork stands for high-quality imagery. Due to the balanced geometric shape, the images appear calmer and invite the viewer to linger. However, square framing with passepartout can also underline the radiance of a portrait or landscape format picture. The deliberate choice of format brings the main message of the picture into focus. Square art objects appear anything but boring. The harmonious format often consciously contrasts with the image dynamics and thus captivates the viewer.


Perfect picture staging through square framing

Common picture formats have always been horizontally oriented, as it corresponds to the human field of vision and the visual habits of man learned over thousands of years. Orientation and stability are important factors for a quick grasp of image content. A square basic grid is helpful for an order-giving effect. In general, square framing is suitable for any art object. passepartout Landscape-formatted artworks look fantastic when framed according to the rules of the golden section, i.e. the picture is deliberately placed high up in the passepartout.


Square pictures offer hanging variety

Choosing a picture is as exciting as the task of finding a suitable place for it. Pictures are a crucial element of the interior design of living and business spaces. They make rooms homely, give them their own character and provide the desired aha effect. The proportion of a room as well as the interior play an essential role in the hanging of a picture. Square art objects are much easier to stage on a wall than rectangular formats, because they fit harmoniously in many more places in a room. In addition, every row and grid hanging of square pictures exudes something special.


The bar: The character of the picture presentation

The choice of the right moulding should be carefully considered. In general, picture bars should never be too wide or too powerful and compete with the picture. A light-looking, bright picture will quickly be stifled if the bar is too massive. On the other hand, it looks noble if it is framed with a narrow, discreet strip. HALBE -rahmen( offers a variety of different aluminium and natural wood mouldings. Each picture frame is cut to size by the professionals with millimetre precision up to a dimension of 200 x 300 cm. 



On the homepage you will find in the KNOWLEDGE AREA many practical tips and suggestions on the topics of "framing and hanging pictures".


Square frame row hanging in the hallway of a tax office

Square art objects are much easier to stage on a wall than rectangular formats, because they fit harmoniously in considerably more places in a room.


 Pictures in square frames as block hanging

For the exhibition "Moments - coast to coast" Thomas Bergbold decided to stage some photographs in square frames within the framework of a block hanging.


 Multi-part square framing of a panoramic photograph as a tryptichon

Gian Glovanoli has perfectly staged his panoramic shot for his exhibition with the multi-part square framing. 


 Picture free floating framed in square picture frame

A bright art object looks noble when it is framed in a square with a narrow, discreet moulding.


 Three square frames in black

HALBE-frames offers a variety of different aluminum and natural wood mouldings. Each frame is cut to size by the professionals with millimetre precision up to a dimension of 200 x 300 cm. 


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