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XXL Pictures Unfold Their Full Charisma

We often only know pictures in XXL format from museums or galleries. The charisma of large paintings or photographs is overwhelming. Due to the paradigm shift from analogue to digital photography, the desire to give rooms their own character by means of a picture in XXL format is increasing more and more - whether as a "soloist" or a multi-part motif. Since 1946, the unrestricted attention of the HALBE family has belonged to the perfect framing of works of art up to the 200 x 300 cm format. The employees of the quality manufactory know exactly the framing requirements of small and large objects with regard to colour reproduction, hanging as well as protection against UV radiation and other environmental influences.


Great art requires space and a frame

20 years ago, pictures in the 70 x 100 cm format were already large and were very deliberately placed in the limelight. Today, a painting or photograph in 120 x 140 cm format is commonplace. The trend is towards even larger formats. Important artists, architects, designers, exhibition organizers and also shop fitters have a great awareness of quality and know about the special presentation aesthetics of pictures in XXL format. The interplay of motif and colour in large objects gives each room its own character and is therefore a decisive element when it comes to interior design. They can completely change the atmosphere and add a special touch to, for example, a company reception, meeting room, trade fair stand or even a living room.


Picture frames for the grand entrance

The choice of format is crucial for the expressiveness and effect of a picture. Every artist tries to capture a special moment in his painting or photograph. In XXL format, these moments come to life - whether as a "soloist" or a multi-part motif. HALBE -frames knows the special frame requirements of XXL pictures. In addition to the design aspects, the frame should offer the object protection and facilitate hanging. At the same time, the picture must not become too heavy due to the glazing and the frame.

The quality manufactory produces individual XXL frames up to the format 200 x 300 cm for museums, galleries, collectors, public institutions, industrial companies as well as for private individuals. "Particularly due to the paradigm shift from analogue to digital photography, the demand for large-format panoramic photographs from ambitious amateur photographers has increased," emphasises David Halbe, Managing Director of HALBE-Rahmen GmbH. Professional photographers who have been working with large format cameras for many years appreciate the know-how of the family-owned company. Recently, the artist couple Daniel and Geo Fuchs, among others, had their large-format pictures for the exhibition "Nature & Destruction" framed in Classic magnetic frame by the professionals.


Special framing requirements

For the framing of XXL pictures HALBE Classic magnetic frame offers wooden strips up to 140 x 250 cm or aluminium strips up to 200 x 300 cm. There is a choice of different angular and rounded profile sizes as well as 15 different colours. From a format of 120 x 140 cm, the objects are no longer framed with mineral glass but with acrylic glass, also known as PLEXIGLAS®. Compared to mineral glass, it has the advantage of being unbreakable and considerably lighter.

"For exhibits that are particularly worthy of protection, we recommend using Optium Museum Acrylic glass, which ensures a clear view of the motif thanks to its non-reflective surface, is shatterproof and scratch-resistant, and also protects against UV radiation. It is the ideal solution for aesthetically demanding works of art that need to be conserved," says David Halbe.


Hanging XXL formats

Finding the perfect place for an XXL-sized painting can often be a challenge - the object has to fit through a doorway, down a stairwell or even into an elevator. The hanging also brings up some questions. The centre of the picture should always be placed at eye level, i.e. at a height of 155 cm, so that a perfect view of the picture is guaranteed at all times. It should also be noted that a 200 x 300 cm picture with an aluminium profile and 6 mm Optium acrylic glass weighs approx. 70 kg. XXL pictures therefore require a particularly stable suspension. A mounting with only two screws is usually not possible, because the working load is not sufficient depending on the wall condition. Often the screws in a gas concrete wall only bear a weight of approx. 15 kg.

David HALBE therefore recommends using heavy-duty hooks with at least five screws per angle for hanging XXL-format pictures, so that one hook can support up to 75 kg. A line laser should be used to mark the perfect height. In order to additionally prevent the picture from falling down, a picture lock bracket should be mounted on the lower edge of the object. The hanging of the XXL picture frame should be done with several people due to the size and weight.

When mounting a multi-part motif, care should be taken to ensure that the individual elements are mounted exactly in a row on edge and are only slightly spaced apart.



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