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Image security should not be underestimated in public spaces

Pictures create an inspiring atmosphere

Kirchen, June 24, 2019 - Whether kindergarten, school or university - the entrance area as well as the corridors and classrooms are often "monotonous" reality. The effect of pictures should not be underestimated - suddenly these areas develop a completely different dynamic, radiate individuality and character. With expressively framed pictures of children and young people, white walls become impressive galleries and arouse emotions. A high visitor frequency involves various risks. Art objects should be protected against falling down as well as unauthorized hanging and opening. More than 10,000 public institutions in Europe appreciate the high quality and easy handling of magnetic frames from HALBE (


Easy framing from the front

The framing of pictures is often very time-consuming and requires a lot of intuition. Thanks to a special innovation from HALBE Rahmen, a school art exhibition can be framed in no time at all. The magnetic frame principle makes it easy and convenient to frame a picture from the front - without turning it over, clamps or tools. By magnetically opening and closing the frame, sketches, ink drawings, photographs and certificates can be framed in a flash.


Clever details make the difference

In addition, the frame is provided with appropriate cut-outs for safe removal without fingerprints on the glass or picture. The even glass print ensures that the picture and passe-partout lie perfectly flat. The solid workmanship of the magnetic frames guarantees a long service life without wear and tear. "The permanent magnetic force holds the frame securely together - even after decades", emphasises David Halbe, Managing Director of HALBE Rahmen GmbH.  


Glass is not just glass

Visitors always perceive art in the context of the room, its lighting and the way it is hung. In addition to a first-class staging of the pictures, the choice of glass plays a central role. Especially in highly frequented rooms, things can quickly get out of hand. No one wants anyone to be injured by a falling picture.

For public or semi-public functional buildings, it is particularly advisable to use safety glass. Not only does it protect the picture from blunt impacts or blows, but in the event of glass breakage, the glass pane breaks into small pieces without sharp edges, thus avoiding damage to the art object as well as injuries to children and adults. But acrylic glass - usually known as PLEXIGLAS® - can also be used. It has the advantage of being unbreakable and lighter in weight. However, PLEXIGLAS® is softer than mineral glass and therefore more sensitive to scratches.


Safety is the key

Public buildings often have special fire protection requirements. Here, too, there is a suitable solution that combines convenient handling and safety - the B1 magnetic frame from HALBE. The aluminium frame is manufactured individually by the professionals according to the requirements and wishes of the customers up to a format of 120 x 140 cm and complies with the fire protection standard B1 according to DIN 4102-1. It supports the protection goals of § 14 of the model building code, because it prevents the spread of fire and smoke, as well as the development of fires. The fixed rear wall of the frame is not made of a hard foam board, as is the case with Classic magnetic frame, but of non-combustible white-coated aluminium. The aluminium frame is available in different profile thicknesses (6 - 14 mm), colours and glass qualities. For rooms with close contact to the public, it can be additionally equipped with safety glass. For larger quantities, the frame can also be manufactured in an individual RAL colour for a consistent room design.


Optimal picture hanging and security

When selecting a picture frame, it is generally important to pay attention to the stability of the profile bar as well as the hanging device. A frame must not give way or bend when hung on the wall due to its own weight. Nothing is left to chance in the manufacture of HALBE frames - solid workmanship down to the smallest detail is guaranteed by the team of more than 60 people. The flush 45 degree mitre of the profile strips is hardly visible - let alone tangible. Each magnetic frame has several hanging holes on all four sides for mounting on a gallery rail or the wall. In addition, the frames can be picture locks be equipped against theft. "Perfect customer service and the highest quality for the optimal presentation of small and large works of art are our top priorities," says David Halbe. 



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