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"Reifen wie der Baum..."

About the exhibition

"Reifen wie der Baum...". This quotation by the poet Rainer Maria Rilke provides the motto for an exhibition that has been on display in the atrium of the Manfred Sauer Foundation in Lobbach (Rhine-Neckar District) since 11 November. On display are 37 large-format tree photographs by nature photographer Andreas Held, which form a wonderful and unique symbiosis with 25 impressive wooden sculptures by Franz Musiol.

The exhibits by Andreas Held show tree individuals full of character and extraordinary forests in the impressive change of seasons. With his pictures, the photographer wants to show the viewer the fascinating aesthetics of nature. In special light moods, through the targeted use of sharpness and blurriness or also through special shooting techniques such as multiple exposures, pictures are created from a very personal point of view, which reflect his feelings in nature and sometimes blur the boundary between photography and painting.

In parallel, Franz Musiol presents 25 full-bodied wooden sculptures up to 3 meters high. The exhibits are made of local wood species. The works have a particularly aesthetic effect and demonstrate the growth and decay of wood. Together, the works of the two artists create a unique symbiosis that impressively highlights the theme of trees.

 Exhibition "Tires like the tree"


About the photographer

Andreas Held holds a degree in biology and works as a freelance translator and editor of biological textbooks and non-fiction books as well as a nature photographer. As a member of the GDT (Society of German Wildlife Photographers), his photographs have won several awards in national and international nature photography competitions. Last but not least, it is important to him to use his photographs to promote the protection and preservation of our precious nature.

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 Exhibition "Tires like the tree"


Frames in use

All exhibited photographs were printed as fine art prints on selected, matt art paper with brilliant colour reproduction and depth effect. For optimal image effect, they are presented glassless, in white maple wood picture frames from HALBE Rahmen. With their simple, timeless elegance, these frames show off the art prints to their best advantage.

Until 27 January the exhibition can be visited daily from 8-22 o'clock. From 23 December to 07 January, however, the exhibition is closed.

Exhibition location:
Manfred-Sauer-Stiftung, Neurott 20, 74931 Lobbach