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The works of the Hachenburg photographer Doris Kohlhas show unusual views and perspectives. Her current exhibition "27" shows  in 9 series á 3 photos everyday objects and situations in completely new exciting perspectives. The consistent form of black and white photography - reduced to the essential and focused on the interior - thus leaves the superficial behind and intensifies the impression of the emotional, creates an abstraction of reality.

Doris Kohlhas - "27

As with many people, Doris Kohlhas' love of photography lay hidden for many years and first had to be discovered. For a good 2 years Doris Kohlhas has been more intensively engaged in photography again. She began to read specialist literature, to experiment and to attend various workshops, which led to the development of her unusual point of view.

Her photography is profound and interwoven, by no means obvious, sometimes confusing at first glance, but showing those who look twice, those who are able to feel more than think, an often subtle subtle internalized view. A view in which everyday things appear in a different light, in a different perspective and come closer to the viewer. Confused images, shapes and dreamy and interwoven distortions, often sketching people and situations in absorption, sometimes merely hinting at them, provide insights beyond the obvious.

The current and first exhibition "27" by Doris Kohlhas can be seen at the "galerie der hähnelschen buchhandlung" in Hachenburg until 28 October 2017. Admission is free of charge.

Frames used

For the exhibition "27" by Doris Kohlhas, black-matte Classic magnetic frame was used with the profile Alu 8 in 400 x 550 mm. For all picture frames the museum glass Schott Mirogard® Plus was used, a very high quality and anti-reflective white glass with true-to-the-original representation and increased UV protection.

Photos: Doris Kohlhas