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LED-Art by Sylwia Synak

About the project

The light project by Sylwia Synak was created in 2018 and plays with the visual and sensual stimuli of a person, because depending on the lighting and colour, the effect of the images changes. The different surface textures also contribute to the changing effect. With her understanding of design, she creates the works in detail and on many different creative levels. In doing so, Synak combines special techniques that produce light paintings, swamp lime paintings and mixed media objects. The dynamics of everyday life serve as her inspiration.

For the series Light-Art she uses intense and glaring colours, which spread explosively over the whole picture. The picture is provided with light-dark and cold-warm contrasts with different colour nuances from red to green or blue. The works are framed in special magnetic frames from HALBE. The plexiglass in the LED frame provides a special lighting, which influences the effect of the picture surface enormously.

 Light-Art LED off Light-Art LED on Light-Art LED on at night

Light-Art - Acrylic on Plexiglas from left to right: LED off, LED on by day, LED on by night

In the Night-Art series, UV acrylic was applied and illuminated with a UV wavelength, causing the luminescent pigments to shine in full color splendor over the entire picture surface.

Night-Art LED off Night-Art LED on Night-Art LED on at night

Night-Art - Luminescent Pigments from left to right: LED off, LED on by day, LED on by night

With Echo-Art , Synak processes marsh lime with colourless UV pigment. This only becomes visible with UV-LED. The images are reminiscent of a galaxy, which has always fascinated people.

Echo-Art LED off Echo-Art LED on Echo-Art LED on at night

Echo-Art - Swamp lime, marble powder, luminescent pigments from left to right: LED off, LED on by day, LED on by night


About the artist

Sylwia Synak was born in Poland in 1974. She studied communication design and art in Munich until 2005. There she lives and works as a freelance artist until today. In 2013 Synak devoted more time to her passion, abstract painting. Her works seem timeless. It is particularly important to the artist that her works reflect her own here and now and that in the process of creation a self-reflection takes place and the viewer also opens up to the new.

Her non-representational paintings consist of strong colours, which through the various connections and arrangement on the canvas creates spaces that encourage associations. In doing so, the artist combines different techniques and materials with each other, resulting in ever new forms of expression.


Frames in use

The impressive light pictures are presented in Distance magnetic frame of HALBE, in which a special light technology was integrated, which provides for the different perceptions of the works. Through the depth effect of the picture frame, the effect of the pictures themselves becomes even more intense and in this combination nothing stands in the way of a unique color and light experience.

You can experience the effect of the different series with and without lighting here:

More information on the project at: