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About the exhibition 

TEN Galerie in Mannheim presents the exhibition ONE WAY from 14.12.2018 to 08.03.2019. On display are photographs by Andrea Klein and Ralf Müller in magnetic frames from HALBE. In spring 2017, the two photographers (aka greytoneduo) traveled through the so-called "Flyover States" of the USA. These are called so because you usually only fly over them. The photographic road trip started and ended in Chicago, where the couple covered about 8500 kilometers in 3 weeks. During the trip, they took numerous shots of discoveries left and right of the road. Also the documentation of the nightly accommodations in privately managed motels was part of it. 

Exhibition ONE WAY in HALBE frames


About the gallery

Mannheim's TEN Gallery is a venue for contemporary photography, media and art and is dedicated to showcasing urban space through photographic art. TEN Galerie represents 6 photographers, including Erik Clewe and Micele Brancati. The gallery also supports young photographers through exhibitions, most recently David Benjamin Kurz with his exhibition "Acquaintance". Special support is given to students who have limited financial means through frames, prints, etc. In addition, TEN Gallery is also a stage and platform for cultural events and regularly offers photography workshops.

The TEN Gallery


Frames in use

The unique photos are presented in picture frames from HALBE frames. 3 photos are framed in HALBE Distance magnetic frame in the format 70x70. 8 others in HALBE Distance magnetic frame 50x50. A selection of pictures and an accompanying road movie will be shown. Visitors can admire the photographs until 8.03 from Thursday to Saturday from 11-19 o'clock.

Exhibition location: T6 10, 68161 Mannheim.