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How will my ordered frame be shipped? Can I add express shipping or special services and to which countries does HALBE frame ship? We answer these and some more frequently asked questions in this article.
Fingerprints and dirt can put a damper on the perfect picture presentation. Therefore, the glass should be kept clean, just like the picture frame itself. For the right perspective, here are some tips for cleaning picture glass - from normal to acrylic to museum glass.
Puzzles have been very popular again for some time now. Whether it's a beautiful landscape, the skyline of your favourite city or a great animal motif - the most beautiful self-assembled pictures are often far too good to be left in the cupboard. Give them a place of honour on the wall instead, and add a personal touch to your home.
We are often asked whether pictures need to be mounted in the picture frame, and what the best way to do this is. There are many different ways to mount pictures in the frame - we will show you what is important.
Beautiful pictures make every staircase a bit more homely in no time at all. Whether elegant works of art, impressive photographs or pictures of the family: They bring colour into play on the mostly neutrally painted walls and create a good mood. We'll show you what's important when designing with pictures in the stairwell and how you can stylishly put your pictures on the wall here yourself.
Tru Vue® is an expert in interference-optical anti-reflective glass for museums. Now the manufacturer is giving an exclusive look behind the scenes. Watch the Behind-the-Scenes video to see how the high-quality picture frame glass for valuable works on paper is manufactured and what is important in the process.
Fire safety is very important in the public space. As a manufacturer of high-quality picture frames, we at HALBE are often asked whether fire protection picture frames such as the HALBE B1 magnetic frame are therefore generally mandatory in public buildings. The answer to this is not entirely clear. Here you can find out what it comes down to.
A home is only a home when you feel comfortable in it. For this, your living space needs an individual touch. A beautiful picture wall is an easy option to let something personal flow into the room. But as tastes change, so does the wall design. Learn how you can easily keep your wall flexible and adapt it at any time.
The object frame of HALBE puts delicate works and objects stylishly in the limelight. We show you how you can get even more out of your Distance magnetic frame with a small design change.
Acrylic paintings have a very special radiance with their strong colours and their unique texture. They can emphasize the atmosphere of a room or become the sole eye-catcher. Therefore, they are also a popular element in wall design. How to hang your acrylic paintings properly and what there is to consider before, we'll show you here - step by step.
We all have one or the other item with a particularly high emotional value in our closet. Whether it's your child's first onesie, costumes from performances, or jerseys from your favorite team - they deserve a place of honour on your wall! We will show you how to frame these mementos stylishly and easily.
The 3D constructions of Pop Art artist James Rizzi, who died in 2011, are known all over the world. We at HALBE are often asked how to properly frame such a work. Here we explain how to properly present your Rizzi 3D.
The most important thing when buying a picture frame is that a particular picture fits into the frame. It is not always possible to fit pictures to the frame in terms of size, especially when it comes to older and rare pictures or photos. That is why it is important for the buyer to be familiar with the relevant technical terms
Picture frames embellish every wall - a coloured wall, however, can present a certain challenge. After all, your motifs should be shown to advantage without appearing cluttered. Picture frames offer you plenty of options, whether in black, white, metal or wood.
Artwork should be well protected from external influences. Our supplier and market leader KLUG lists the most important quality features of conservational cardboard.
What is the difference between a simple passepartout and a folding passepartout? HALBE shows the basic differences and advantages, so that you can choose the right option for yourself!
Photographer Jochen Kohl shares a step by step tutorial on how to turn a RAW photography into a printed art work. Now freely accessible on YouTube.
Andy Grabo, photographer and Youtuber, shows you how he designs and realizes his photo wall. In particular, he goes into the planning in Photoshop, printing, framing and hanging on the wall.
White walls without any design are like a blank sheet of paper: you can be creative and have plenty of room for all your ideas. Only pictures and photos on the walls give an apartment a personal touch and a homely ambience. With pictures on the walls you can express your personality, whether you choose a work of art by your favorite artist, photographs of loved ones or important moments from your life. Especially with picture series or rows, you have a variety of options for an imaginative wall design - we present you some decorative variants.

Picture Frames for Collages

Presenting pictures on the wall as a collage is more trendy than ever. Several picture frames are arranged to form an appealing overall picture. A collage of picture frames fits the most diverse furnishing styles and can, depending on taste, look very different. We show you some examples and tell you which picture frames are particularly suitable for collages. Let us inspire you!
Three-dimensional decorative elements make picture frames look like a small shop window. In order to set smaller objects in scene in a sophisticated way, a suitable distance or object frame is the right solution. What you should look for when choosing and what design options are open to you, we show you in this little guide on the subject of picture frames for objects.
Passepartouts highlight a picture discreetly, but nevertheless effectively and stylishly. They offer the picture a perfect stage and in combination with the matching picture frame unfold a unique effect that is timeless and noble. Details about the passepartouts and reasons why your picture frame needs a passepartout can be found here.
Do you want to frame a picture or a painting, but are unsure how big the picture frame should be? HALBE Rahmen shows you what is important when choosing a suitable size and how to find the perfect frame for your picture.
In addition to choosing the right picture frame, the way of mounting also plays a decisive role in the presentation of photographs, graphics or other prints. With HALBE you can choose from two mounting systems: Hanging directly on the wall or on a rope. Unsure of how to properly mount your picture frames? The following article provides solutions and helps you find the right mounting system for your picture frames.

How to present your picture properly...

In a sense, the successful framing of pictures is only complete when you have hung it in the right place. But to find it is not so easy, because there are actually no limits to creativity. You'll find suggestions and tips on how to present your pictures here.

How to Find the Right Frame

The selection of a picture frame should be well thought out, because the frame selection is as much art as the development of the painting that is to be framed. In order to master this difficult task, we have compiled some tips for you in this article, with which the selection of a suitable picture frame will be a breeze in the future.

Why Pictures Need Frames

They say pictures need frames, but why actually? The right picture frame has the task of supporting the effect of the picture and giving it a stage. In the following we explain why your picture only becomes a real eye-catcher with the right frame
The wedding is probably the most meaningful happy experience in the life of a couple and it is all the more beautiful to present the snapshots of this day proudly and stylishly. We at HALBE explain how you can frame your wedding photos in the most impressive way.
Picture frames show off your photos perfectly behind glass. Just glass? No, there are big differences here, because yes according to your personal requirements you choose from six different types of glass for your picture frame at HALBE FRAME. But which glass is the best choice for your purpose?

Arranging Images: Tips and Tricks

In order to set pictures skilfully in scene and create a pleasant ambience in the room, one thing is important above all: a coherent overall picture. Depending on whether you distribute pictures on several walls in the room or arrange them together on one wall as a collage or cluster, you will achieve a very different effect. Here we show you how best to proceed and what you should pay attention to when arranging pictures.
Are you looking for the perfect picture frame size or don't know which passe-partout fits your picture best? Determine your perfect measurements using our tables and find your perfect picture frame.

Correct hanging - Expert tips

There are many ways to decorate your wall with pictures. Interior designer Miriam Medri has the following tips and tricks that definitely work. A coherent picture ensemble is crucial for a harmonic wall design, says the expert.
Framing with passepartout opens up many design possibilities to skilfully stage a picture and underline its effect. Learn from the author Karin Havlicek how to choose the optimal passepartout for your work and picture frame.
Plexiglas is statically charged through friction (peeling off the protective foil / cleansing). This attracts other materials such as dusts, loose pigments from a painting or even thin works of paper.
"Can't you arrange your pictures on the wall properly? It looks so chaotic!" – You can, but take a closer look and you'll notice that the chaos is intentional.

Modern german posters 1890-1933

Like gallerist Dr Klaus Kleinschmidt, the Neue Sammlung München was also convinced of the Protect magnetic frame.
What happens to photographs in Halbe Protect magnetic frames when they travel 18,353 km through various levels of humidity?