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Things to know

Why Pictures Need Frames

They say pictures need frames, but why actually? The right picture frame has the task of supporting the effect of the picture and giving it a stage. In the following we explain why your picture only becomes a real eye-catcher with the right frame

Things to know

Correct hanging - Expert tips

There are many ways to decorate your wall with pictures. Interior designer Miriam Medri has the following tips and tricks that definitely work. A coherent picture ensemble is crucial for a harmonic wall design, says the expert.
Die Rahmung mit Passepartout eröffnet viele Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten ein Bild gekonnt in Szene zu setzen und seine Wirkung zu unterstreichen. Erfahren Sie im Folgenden - von der Autorin Karin Havlicek - wie Sie für Ihre Arbeit und Bilderrahmen das optimale Passepartout wählen.
"Can't you arrange your pictures on the wall properly? It looks so chaotic!" – You can, but take a closer look and you'll notice that the chaos is intentional.