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Dr Klaus Kleinschmidt and his experience with the Protect frame

Wiesbaden – Hong Kong – Wiesbaden

What happens to photographs in Halbe Protect magnetic frames when they travel 18,353 km through various levels of humidity? And when the top priority is to protect the art? They remain unharmed even after 42 days of travelling, without any signs of corrugation.

The works are prints of the famous US photographer Roger Ballen who, with his documentation of poor white people in South Africa, developed a photography style he calls documentary fiction. The photonet gallery from Wiesbaden supervised the shipping of the prints to the Hong Kong art fair and back. They deliberately chose the Protect frames for their climate stabilizing function.

The journey proved that a Protect picture frame is absolutely air and dustproof in air-conditioned convention halls with an average humidity of under 50%, outdoor temperatures between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius and an average humidity of 95%. They perfectly adapt to the surrounding climate, whether in galleries, convention centres, airplanes or trucks.