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Why Pictures Need Frames

No picture without a frame

A picture frame fulfils many different tasks. It supports the effect of the picture and should help it to unfold this effect completely. The picture itself is always in the foreground and its importance should only be emphasized. Thus, a suitable picture frame can also be called the perfect stage for your picture. The picture and the frame merge into one unit and a symbiotic relationship is created. The right frame therefore optimally supports the effect of your picture with the right choice of colour, material and size.

Tip: Make sure that the picture frame does not appear too clunky and extravagant, as the work will then be smothered and undermined by the frame. Rather, opt for a frame that matches the picture in terms of its make and colour, because this is the only way to create a unit that becomes a real eye-catcher. 


The perfect frame

The framing of a work of art is an essential part of the art itself and contributes to the successful presentation of it, because the frame isolates the work from its surroundings and thus only makes clear what should be in the foreground of the viewer. By the spatial demarcation from the environment the picture is optimally emphasized and it gets space to work and develop. The perfect frame should not only adapt to the picture, but also to its surroundings, i.e. to the architecture and interior design. In this way, the frame becomes a direct mediator between the surroundings, the picture and the viewer, creating a unique ambience.


The frame provides a stage for the picture and thus highlights what is important.


The frame as protector of the picture

Besides the aesthetic aspects explained above, the protection aspect is definitely another important reason for using a frame. Through a picture frame, your picture is optimally protected from external influences such as dust, moisture and light. Without this protection, the picture would be at the mercy of these influences. But also during transports the frame offers a protection for your picture. Thus, a frame is not only a guarantee for beautiful optics, but also offers long-lasting security.


Use frames creatively and in a variety of ways

But not only expensive works of art need a frame. Even unusual objects or everyday objects can be visually enhanced by presenting them in a picture frame. Through creative framing, embroidery or shells from the last holiday, for example, become a unique eye-catcher. But also postcards or a stamp collection can be optimally presented in a stylish picture frame. Because what can be said is: every object deserves a frame! Whether it is an expensive work of art or an everyday object with sentimental value, a tasteful and fitting frame increases the value and creates a perfect stage.