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Most teenagers like to decorate their youth room with posters to always have their interests in mind. Movie posters are just as popular as pictures of their favorite bands and famous actors or cool sayings. But as is often the case, tastes change quickly, which is why new motifs are always needed. Smart is who renounces thumbtacks or even nails - they leave over the years many unsightly holes in the plaster or in the wallpaper and of course in the poster
Whether it's a short board or a long shelf space - if you pack a shelf full of books, it will look very squat and not particularly attractive. A nice change are picture frames in which you present a charming saying, a modern graphic or even an impressive black and white shot. HALBE Frame shows you how to arrange picture frames artfully in or on a shelf and which models are best suited for this.
The birthday of a good friend, acquaintance or family member is just around the corner - but the right gift is still missing? If you are tired of 0815 gifts and vouchers, we have a few ideas for creative and individual cash gifts for you, with which you will certainly make an impression
Nothing puts you in the Christmas mood more than the right decoration. In order to give your picture frame that certain wintery touch, we have put together a few beautiful craft ideas for you here
Have you ever heard of "bokeh"? This term refers to a trend that has spread furiously in the photography scene from Japan in recent years. The word "bokeh" comes from Japanese and refers to the blurriness of the image background. Typical of this are the small circles of blur that form around lighter points in the background.
Anticipation is the best joy, so they say. That is exactly why many parents design the baby room lovingly and rich in detail even before the birth of their baby, so that everything is perfect for the arrival of the baby. We will show you how to create a beautiful, cozy room climate with pictures and matching picture frames.
Everyone likes to receive postcards - the greetings from loved ones who are currently travelling to distant countries fill us with anticipation of our own next holiday and so we like to keep them. In a picture frame, the postcards come perfectly to advantage, because they are way too good to lie in the drawer they. HALBE shows you which picture frames are suitable for postcards.

Spring decoration for your home

Have you noticed it yet? The days are slowly getting longer again, the first spring flowers are sprouting from the ground and Easter is also not far away. Spring is on its way. So it's time to start thinking about the right spring decorations for your own four walls. How to conjure up beautiful spring decorations with some colourful paper and the right picture frames, you will learn here.
The Scandinavian living style has dominated the ambience in German homes for several years now. In 2018, the living scene has variety in store for you: New offshoots of the Skandi style, the evolution of hygge and the latest trendy colours are coming fresh from the lifestyle fairs into your home. We show you which home trends you can firmly expect in 2018.

Right on Trend - Hygge

The more stressful everyday life and the more unsettled the times, the greater the personal need for retreat into an intact world. The Danish term "hygge" sums up the desire for peace, cosiness, harmony and togetherness in one word and is considered the living and lifestyle trend of the last year. We explain the Nordic trend and give you tips on how to make your home really hyggelig!

Right on Trend: Lettering

Lettering is one of the most popular DIY trends around, as it's a calming and creative activity that anyone can master with a little practice. With lettering, you paint more than you write and skillfully set individual letters or words in scene. There are no limits to your imagination. Learn here how to become a lettering professional!