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Right on Trend: Framing Instant Photos and Polaroids

We can hardly imagine walls without pictures. Popular stylistic device from the art are collages to present pictures effectively. In the 80s, the colours from the artworks were included in the frame. This is different today. Discreet is the trend. With the multi-award-winning magnetic frame principle from HALBE, framing photos is child's play. On the occasion of the photokina HALBE presents a noble picture frame for Polaroids. Printed and framed pictures are more in demand than ever - this also applies to instant photography, which is celebrating a huge comeback.



The frame makes the difference

In this age of digitalisation, framed pictures are taking on a whole new significance - whether it's a snapshot of the grandchildren, an impressive photograph of the last family holiday or works by classical or modern artists. They illustrate to us the transience of life, the feeling of a moment, or simply how precious the memories are. The choice of framing should be given the utmost attention, because the frame is as important as a beautiful suit or a figure-hugging dress. It must fit perfectly. Today, the trend is towards light-coloured wooden frames or thin aluminium frames in white, silver and black. The look of chrome and stainless steel is also more in demand than ever.


Collages: a popular stylistic device

With a picture frame collage, works of art are presented in a special way. For this effect, an ensemble of several pictures is hung close together. The individual motifs form a complete work of art on the wall. They can be stylishly arranged in a row or grid hanging or in an orderly chaos, the so-called salon style hanging. However, we also speak of a collage when, for example, several photos, sketches or etchings are arranged in one picture frame. "This picture ensemble has a particularly noble effect when the individual works of art are inserted in a custom-made passepartout ", emphasizes David Halbe, Managing Director of HALBE-Rahmen GmbH.



New: Collage frames for instant pictures

Instant pictures are absolutely cool and reflect the pure joy of life of many users. Whether at music festivals or at chic weddings: The hype around snapshot photography does not stop. Ten years after Polaroid went bankrupt, instant photography is more successful than ever. We would love to showcase the shots of our unique moments as a collage with a frame on the sideboard or on the wall. Just in time for photokina, the world's leading trade fair for the photo, video and imaging industry, HALBE is introducing a picture frame for arranging three Polaroid or instant photos. The fine aluminium frame is 14 cm high and 33 cm wide. The instant pictures are inserted into a black passepartout cut-out from above as desired. The picture glass is then inserted into the frame. By using special magnetic strips in the frame, the glass and pictures are sealed securely and dust-tight. A good flatness of the pictures is guaranteed at any time. In addition to integrated hanging holes on the back of the frame, a specially developed stand can be ordered as an option, which is simply inserted into the double "keyhole" on the back. A small turn to the right locks the stand firmly to the frame and guarantees a stable stand of the frame on a desk or sideboard - folding away of the stand or falling over of the frame are a thing of the past.


UV protection is the top priority for instant photos

Anyone who has ever taken photos with an instant camera at a party, a child's birthday party or a wedding knows that the small square pictures are very sensitive to light. In order to enjoy the fleeting moments for a long time, the photos should be protected from UV radiation. HALBE therefore offers the collage frames for the instant pictures in the two glass qualities "Optium Museum Acrylic" and "Plexiglas". Both types of glass protect the snapshots from ultraviolet light and keep 99 percent of the rays out. Compared to Plexiglas, Optium Museum Acrylic glass is colour-neutral, anti-static and also anti-reflective.



Magnetic frames: The basis of all picture frames

In 1973, HALBE developed the magnetic frame principle that forms the basis of all picture frames made by the Rhineland-Palatinate-based manufacturer. The photos are inserted from the front and can be positioned exactly without slipping. Each frame consists of three main elements: Basic element, glass and profile. The basic element is a combination of a dimensionally stable hard foam board and a sheet steel angle frame. Small protruding edges allow quick insertion as well as fixation of the picture, passepartout and glass pane, as with the collage frame for instant pictures. The profile bar is made of black aluminium.


Instant photography is a passion of Thorsten Finner

7.9 cm x 7.9 cm - these are the dimensions that make the heart of Rotenburg photographer Thorsten Finner beat faster. This is exactly the size of the Polaroid pictures exposed by his favourite camera, the SX-70. Thorsten Finner is known for his small square shots. Among other things, he exhibited a specially created series at the RAW Photofestival in Worpswede 2016, all of which had in common the self-portrait of Heinrich Vogeler as one of the most important representatives of the Worpswede painters. In addition to the music, the media designer is impressed by the emotional form of artistic expression that can be conveyed with a Polaroid photograph. Thorsten Finner is the first photographer to have tested the collage frame for instant pictures from HALBE and used it at one of his exhibitions. "It's fantastic how you can tell a whole story with three framed Polaroid shots. On top of that, framing from the top is dead easy and convenient. I wouldn't want to be without this framing option at my exhibitions. They set the scene perfectly for my Polaroids," says Thorsten Finner.



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You can download high-resolution images from the following Dropbox link - Image copyright Thorsten Finner

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