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Magnetic Frames
Conservo magnetic frame
    Alu 8
    Alu 8
    Profile cross section

    Massskizze Bilderrahmen Alu 8

    Silver matt
    Silver matt
    Colors of other profiles
    Plexiglass glossy
    Plexiglass glossy
    What is Plexiglass?
    PLEXIGLAS® is a 3 millimetre thick acrylic glass and is especially light, sturdy and can protect sensitive exhibits from over 99% of ultraviolet rays. Plexiglas® is completely clear and is therefore extremely faithful in terms of colour reproduction. Artworks can realise their full visual potential.
    White glass
    What is White Glass?
    White glass
    White glass is a low-iron float glass with very high light transmission and color-neutral transparency. In contrast to standard float glass (normal glass), it has no green tint. White glass is the first choice when it comes to a sensitive feel for color reproduction.
    Anti-reflective glass
    Glass comparison
    Glass comparison
    210 x 210 mm
    210 x 210 mm
    Select standard size
    Or: Select Individual size
    Alu 8, Wood 10 and 16 up to 1200x1400 mm
    Alu 12, 14, 18, Wood 20 and 22 with Plexiglas up to 1400x2500 mm
    Overview maximum dimensions
    Dimensions for each magnetic frame
    With all glass types:
    Alu 6 and 7: 130x130 mm to 700x1000 mm
    Alu 8, 12, 14, Wood 10, 16 and 20: 130x130 mm to 1200x1400 mm
    Alu 18 and Wood 22: 180x180 mm to 1200x1400 mm
    With Plexiglas:
    Alu 12, 14, 18, Wood 20 and 22: to 1400x2500 mm
    Alu 18: on request to 2000x3000 mm

    With all glass types:
    Alu 8, 12, and 14, Wood 10, 16 and 20: 130x130 mm to 1200x1400 mm
    Alu 18 and Wood 22: 180x180 mm to 1200x1400 mm
    With Plexiglas:
    Alu 8 and Wood 10 and 16: to 700x900 mm
    Alu 12, 14, 18, Wood 20 and 22: to 1400x2500 mm

    With all glass types:
    Alu 6 and 7: 130x130 mm to 700x1000 mm
    Alu 8, 12 and 14: 130x130 mm to 1200x1400 mm

    With all glass types:
    Alu 8, 12 and 14, Wood 10, 16 and 20: 130x130 mm to 1200x1400 mm
    Alu 18 and Wood 22: 180x180 mm to 1200x1400 mm
    With Plexiglas:
    Alu 12, 14, 18, Wood 20 and 22: to 1400x2500 mm

    With all glass types:
    Alu 8, 12, 14, Wood 10 and 16: 130x130 mm to 1200x1400 mm
    Alu 18 and Wood 22: 180x180 mm to 1200x1400 mm
    With Plexiglas:
    Alu 8 and Wood 10 and 16: to 700x900 mm

    With all glass types:
    Alu 18 and Wood 22: 210x297 mm to 1200x1400 mm

    With Plexiglas:
    Alu 12 and 14: 210x210 mm to 1400x2500 mm
    Your desired dimension is available as a standard format. Please select the standard format from the list!
    Your entered dimension exceeds the maximum dimensions:
    With all glass types:
    Alu 8, 12 and 14, Wood 10, 16 and 20: 130x130 mm to 1200x1400 mm
    Alu 18 and Wood 22: 180x180 mm to 1200x1400 mm
    With Plexiglas:
    Alu 12, 14, 18, Wood 20 and 22: to 1400x2500 mm

    Please change profile and/or glass.
    All dimensions = glass dimension (in mm)
    Info on dimension (order size)

    The order size refers to the glass format, i.e. the "insertion size" in the frame. A sketch with all dimensions (outside dimension, glass dimension, visible dimension) of the currently configured product can be found below at the article pictures (with zoom function).

  • Insertion depth
    Insertion depth
    Insertion depth
  • Picture locks
    Picture locks
    Better to be safe: Protect your HALBE frame with a special picture security system from theft - effective and unobtrusively.
Width 210 mm
Height 210 mm

Your configuration has been changed. Please check the current properties.

Frame Conservo Alu 8 Silver matt, Plexiglass gl., 210 x 210

33,00 €
Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Delivery time 7 bis 10 days

Item weight: 0.76 kg
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Insertion depth adviser

Please select the recommended insertion depth in the configurator.

The recommended insertion depth covers a range of +/- 1mm. Slight inaccuracies and varying image thickness are thus compensated. The required insertion depth is based on your selected picture thickness and the configured passepartout. For your information: Folding passepartouts are 0.75 mm thicker than normal passepartouts. Pictures up to a maximum thickness of 1.5 mm can be inserted into folding passepartouts.

Your picture frame configuration


Profile: Alu 8

The rectangular Alu 8 profile is a HALBE classic: slim and edgy, ideal for straight forward timeless picture framing. For a presentation in aluminum frames, the Alu 8 has been a top seller since the invention of the HALBE magnetic frame. Made from the CO2-reduced recycled aluminum NEWTRAL® from Erbslöh Aluminium..

Color: Silver matt

An aluminum frame classic: Silver matte, also called natural matte, puts the focus on the picture and almost always inconspicuously adapts to the surroundings. The matte anodized surface is available for any HALBE aluminum profile.

Glass: Plexiglass glossy

The material offers several benefits: It is light, break-proof, and with optimum UV protection for the picture. This 3 mm thick glass type by Evonik has a shiny surface on both sides. On option also available with a scratch-proof coating on one side – for easier care and a long-lasting beautiful surface.

Size: 210 x 210 mm

The 21 x 21 cm square is highly popular. It corresponds to a DIN A 4 format (210 x 297 mm), cut to a square.


Framing and Deployment

For museums and private collections of particularly valuable delicate art the HALBE Conservo was developed in collaboration with restaurators. A certified PAT tested KLUG corrugated board meets even highest conservation requirements. It is free of damaging acids, solvents and plasticisers, which makes it ageing-resistant and safe for delicate works of paper. In addition the construction allows for the air to circulate, unlike the HALBE Protect Magnetic Frame for constant climate. Artglass AR 92 glass protects the display side from ageing and UV light, while Artglass AR 99 Protect glass offers additional protection from mechanical damages. This 2-pane safety glass cannot splinter and protects the work against mechanical damage. The framing of pictures is a fast, easy and exact affair - from the front and without tools. This is made possible by our unique HALBE magnetic principle for opening and closing.

Look and Measures

The frame awarded with the Red Dot Design Award and Special Mention of the German Design Awards can be harmoniously tuned to each object and ambience. The elegant design is available as aluminum or solid wood in a range of colours, from white to natural walnut.

For perfect harmony with your walls and furniture. On request, you can also have your frame produced in a colour from the RAL colour spectrum. We offer 40 standard formats or custom made frames from 130 x 130 mm up to 1200 x 1400 mm Larger formats up to 1400 x 2500 mm can be ordered on request.

Hanging and Safety

For fast and secure hanging in landscape or portrait format, there are special hanging holes at the back for horizontal levelling in case the nails are tilted. Like this, it has one or two points to attach it to the wall or on ropes. Four size-adjustable separators with felt pads in the corners create a gap to protect the wall and for better air circulation. They are free of damaging plasticisers and don't leave any residues on the wall. On request, the dustproof frame can be combined with different HALBE picture safety devices – to attach the frame to the wall and prevent any unauthorized opening. The Conservo can be protected with the BS 1 lock (invisible from the front) against unauthorized opening.


The perfect picture frame for museums: HALBE Conservo Magnetic Frame




  • For particularly valuable delicate objects
  • Meets conservation requirements of restaurators, museums and collectors
  • Ideal for flat works of paper such as drawings, prints or documents
  • Loosely inserted acid-free and ageing-resistant KLUG corrugated background board
  • KLUG corrugated board certified persuant to DIN 6738, ISO 16245, ISO 9706 and ANSI Z 39.48-1992
  • Magnetic opening and closing without tools
  • Precise object positioning on the display side
  • Gaps for safe removal without fingerprints on the glass or picture
  • Dustproof
  • Optional insertion depth up to 16 millimetres (depending on the model)
  • Large insertion depth allows for exchanging corrugated cardboard for loose sandwich layering
  • Choose between glass directly on the picture or separated by a passe-partout or insert frame
  • Glass type and UV protection on request
  • Cut glass edges to avoid cutting or chipping
  • Integrated hanging holes for hanging at one or two points
  • Straight hanging holes for adjustment by sliding to the side
  • Additional tilted hanging holes to make up for tilted nails
  • Finely adjustable wall spacers to make up for uneven walls
  • Plasticiser-free felt pads as separators to prevent wall damage
  • Corrosion-protected metal
  • Optionally with HALBE BS 1 picture safety devices, the covered BS1 lock and BS 4 against unauthorized opening or removal
  • Various profiles
  • Large range of colours
  • RAL colours possible with larger quantities
  • Delivery with reclosable carton box for further transport
  • Awarded with the Red Dot Design Award 2013
  • Special Mention German Design Award 2014

 Decoration and pictures/passepartouts framed as an example are not included in the delivery of the picture frame.

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16 Feb 2024

Sehr schöner Rahmen

Sehr schöner Rahmen

22 Jan 2024

sehr gutes Produkt

sehr gutes Produkt

18 Nov 2023

Sehr gute Qualität.

Sehr gute Qualität.

1 Nov 2023

Sehr wahrscheinlich das…

Sehr wahrscheinlich das beste Produkt aut dem Market.

15 Oct 2023

Das Design ist zeitlos,…

Das Design ist zeitlos, elegant und formschön. Die von Halbe Rahmen entwickelte Technik mit der sich Fotografien und Passepartouts mit geringem Zeitaufwand rahmen lassen, hat mich überzeugt. Auch die Schienen auf der Rückseite lassen keine Wünsche für die Montage an der Wand offen.

Gerne bestelle ich dieses Modell wieder!

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