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Facial visors for children, premium

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From 3 €22.37 * €11.19 * / 1 piece/s
Content: 2 piece/s

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Visor made of crystal-clear PLEXIGLAS® film (acrylic) with PE foam forehead padding. The PLEXIGLAS® visor is clearer and less scratch-sensitive than the PET/PE version. Ideal for filigree work. The visor is held in place with a length-adjustable rubber band that can be adjusted to the head size for comfortable wearing. This is not certified medical technology. We use our technical possibilities to produce required equipment - handmade in Germany.

The visor can and should be replaced and the headband with padding can and should be reused, as rubber band is currently in short supply.

Height: 190 mm
Width: 214 mm
Thickness: 0,25 mm
Foam material: 20 mm
Elastic band: 5/10/15 mm depending on availability (changing colours)

Set of 10: 10 complete visors
Set of 30: 30 complete visors

The delivery time is only 4-6 days, contrary to the information at the price.

Für Erwachsene gibt es eine größere Ausführung.

Type: Gesichtsvisier


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