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FineArtPrinter Action Bundle

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  • FAP-CL7S5300300-SET3


In collaboration with FineArtPrinter magazine and Passepartout-Werkstatt these two unique bundles, consisting of magnetic frame and passepartout, have been created. Now at promotional price with 20% to 25% discount compared to the regular price. Only until 20.11.2022.

  • Bundle A, as a set of 3, consisting of 3x Classic magnetic frames, Alu 7 in the format 300 x 300 mm and
  • Bundle B, as a set of 2, consisting of 2x Classic magnetic frames, Alu 7 in 450 x 550 mm format.

Both bundles have 4.1 mm thick passepartouts, provided by the Passepartout-Werkstatt. The frame can be ordered optionally in the colours silver matt or black matt, and equipped with the picture glass white glass glossy or the museum glass Mirogard. The action bundles are  delivered free of shipping costs within Germany.

Bundle A: The 3-piece set Alu 7 in the format 300 x 300 mm incl. passepartout

The Bundle A, consisting of three square Classic magnetic frames in the filigree aluminum 7 profile is the recommendation for an uncomplicated start. With dimensions of 300 x 300 mm a suitable place can be found without any problems. The set is particularly suitable as an arrangement of three with motifs that belong together thematically. This increases the visual impression. Another advantage of the square: You don't have to worry as much about the arrangement in passepartout, whether you choose a motif for portrait or landscape format.

The 4.1 mm thick passepartout (from the Passepartout-Werkstatt) has a centrally placed cutout of 180 x 180 mm and is delivered already inserted in the frame. This makes it ideal for printing on DIN A4 paper.

Bundle B: The set of 2 Alu 7 in the format 450 x 550 mm incl. passepartout

Bundle B, consisting of two Classic magnetic frames, also with the Alu 7 profile in silver or black, is suitable both as a soloist on different walls, and as a duo for a joint image presentation.

The accompanying passepartout with 4.1 mm thickness is cut from the same cardboard as the set of 3. It has a centrally placed cutout of 290 x 410 mm. Thus, it is still ideal for printing on A3 paper.

The special passepartout with 4.1 mm thickness and groove cut

In order to direct the eye of the beholder additionally, one likes to resort to a passepartout. It gives the image additional space to unfold. The thickness of the passepartout card has the effect of creating depth.

The 4.1 mm thick passepartout of the Passepartout-Werkstatt gives your picture a distinctive effect of depth. In addition, it has a so-called "groove", a fine groove cut, which is drawn with the cutter head of the passepartout cutter as an additional line outside the bevel cut. This subtle line is only subconsciously noticed by some viewers, but the additional "frame" around the image helps to capture the viewer's eye and direct it to your image.

Passepartout details:

  • Passepartouts' external dimensions 30 x 30 cm made of 104-S (4.1 mm ) -  centered inner cutout 18 x 18 cm manufactured with a groove cut (1.0 cm distance to the inner cutout)
  • Passepartouts' external dimensions 45 x 55 cm made of 104-S (4,1 mm ) -  centered inner cutout 29 x 41  cm made with a  groove cut (1,0 cm distance to inner cutout)
  • Manufacturer's designation: MSK Natur
  • Color: cream, without surface structure,  4,1 mm thickness
  • Age-resistant according to DIN ISO9706 (museum quality)
  • solid colored core material
  • acid-free due to buffering with calcium carbonate
  • ph-value: 8,0 - 9,0

HALBE Magnetic frame principle - quickly explained in the video:



Frame advantages:

  • Frame and change the picture without tools from the visible front side
  • Hard foam board of the basic element PAT-tested and with best flatness properties for the picture 
  • Perfect miter due to stable embossed corner angles 
  • "Dust-proof" and all-round uniform glass printing due to HALBE magnetic frame system 
  • Integrated hanging holes for hanging at one or two points
  • Supplied with resealable cardboard box for further transportation


Notes: Decoration and pictures framed as an example are not included in this set. The crossed-out price corresponds to the usual price at HALBE-Rahmen and the Passepartout-Werkstatt for the contents of this set. The promotional offer "Fineartprinter Edition" is valid until 20.11.2022. The offer cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.



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A satisfied customer says

Uwe K 25 Sep 2022

Gerade mit dem 4,5 mm…

Gerade mit dem 4,5 mm starken Passepartout erhalten die gerahmte Drucke eine schöne Tiefe und wirken insgesamt noch wertiger..

28 Sep 2022

Wie gewohnt sehr gute…

Wie gewohnt sehr gute Qualität!

28 Sep 2022

Perfekte Kombi , sieht…

Perfekte Kombi , sieht super aus

27 Sep 2022

Super Rahmen!, wie…

Super Rahmen!, wie bestellt!

27 Sep 2022

Passgenau- hochwertig!

Passgenau- hochwertig!

25 Sep 2022

Super Halbe-Qualität!

Super Halbe-Qualität!

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