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Photo Frame
Magnetic Frames
Photo Frame
    Alu 8
    Alu 8
    Silver matt
    Silver matt
    White glass matt/glossy
    White glass matt/glossy
    White glass
    What is White Glass?
    White glass
    White glass is a low-iron float glass with very high light transmission and color-neutral transparency. In contrast to standard float glass (normal glass), it has no green tint. White glass is the first choice when it comes to a sensitive feel for color reproduction.
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    Alle Gläser im Vergleich
    Gläser im Vergleich
    130 x 130
    130 x 130
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Width 130 mm
Height 130 mm

Fotorahmen Alu 8

Silber matt, Weißglas m/g, 130 x 130, inkl. Aufsteller

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Profile: Alu 8

The rectangular Alu 8 profile is a HALBE classic: slim and edgy, ideal for straight forward timeless picture framing. For a presentation in aluminum frames, the Alu 8 has been a top seller since the invention of the HALBE magnetic frame.

Color: Silver matt

An aluminum frame classic: Silver matte, also called natural matte, puts the focus on the picture and almost always inconspicuously adapts to the surroundings. The matte anodized surface is available for any HALBE aluminum profile.

Glass: White glass matt/glossy

Our price/performance tip: this white glass, finely matted on one side, reduces reflections to a minimum and at the same time maintains a high degree of contour sharpness. It can be used glossy or with anti-reflection effect. The museum glass Schott Mirogard® is even better.

Size: 130 x 130 mm

This is the smallest possible size for a magnetic frame. These stand-up photo frames are available as norm format in 13 x 13 cm. 


Photo frames. Our HALBE frame with stand.

For small-format pictures our new photo frame is a great alternative: HALBE's three smallest picture frames come with a beautifully designed stand and can either be placed on a surface or hung on a wall.

The frames have the size of standard photos: 13 x 13 cm, 13 x 18 cm und 18 x 24 cm. Optionally you can also order our inexpensive bevel-cut passe-partouts in museum quality, with six different cutouts for standard prints in the bestselling photo formats.

Our photo frames are made of aluminum or solid wood, available in different colours and profiles. For optimum picture viewing, each photo frame comes with white glass matte/glossy, which can be used with glossy surface or as anti-reflective glass.

The photo frame is a special variant from our Classic magnetic frame product family – refined by a metal back side, the HALBE logo imprinted on the back, and a stand in high-end look and excellent functionality.

Each photo frame can be used vertically or horizontally. With this type of frame, the stand is included in the delivery. Both holes on the back side of the frame are suitable for locking in the stand or for using it as a hanging point for wall installations.

Tip: These photo frames not only look good standing up, you can also arrange them on the wall - either strictly geometrically always using the same format or more creatively, in various groups.


Passepartouts for photo frames

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HALBE Magnetic Frame Principle - quickly explained in the video:



  • Delivery includes stand (also suitable for other magnetic frames of up to approx. 30 x 40 cm)
  • Framing and changing the picture without tools from the front
  • Rigid foam board of the base element, PAT tested and with optimum lay flatness properties for the picture
  • Insertion depth for the picture plus 1.5 mm thick bevel-cut passe-partout
  • Three order formats selectable: 13 x 13 cm, 13 x 18 cm, 18 x 24 cm
  • Perfect mitre due to stably embossed corner angles
  • "Dustproof" and even all-round contact pressure on the glass with the HALBE magnetic frame system
  • Integrated hanging hole for hanging vertically or horizontally
  • Compatible with picture safety device BS 4 and the HALBE fixing holder 
  • With 3 mm thick white glass matte/glossy for optimum picture presentation
  • Packaging in brown cartboard with tuck-in flap, no label (to use as a gift)
  • Optionally: Passe-partouts for photo formats 8 x 8 cm, 9 x 9 cm, 9 x 13 cm, 10 x 15 cm, 13 x 18 cm


Available downloads:


Customer evaluation for "Photo Frame"
9 Jan 2018

Tolle Qualität

Ich habe sechs Alu-Fotorahmen mit Ständer bestellt und zu Weihnachten verschenkt. Sie haben großen Anklang gefunden, und das Material hat genau meinen Vorstellungen entsprochen.
Der Service war auch gut, aber man sollte sich natürlich bewusst sein, dass die Lieferung etwas Vorlauf benötigt, weil es sich nicht um Massenware handelt. Sollte jemand die Verpackungskosten hoch finden, dann lässt sich nur sagen, ja, stimmt, aber auch da ist Qualität mit im Spiel, und es dürfte somit wohl keine Reklamationen und Ärger bzgl. Transportschäden geben. Gerne wieder!

27 Nov 2017

Super für Fotos

Ich habe Fotorahmen für unsere Portraitbilder aus dem Kindergarten gekauft und das sieht echt toll aus mit dem schmalen Aluprofil. Der ganze Rahmen ist top verarbeitet und mit dem Aufsteller bleibt er auch perfekt stehen. Klare Empfehlung!

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