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collected stories by Flo Maak

The exhibition collected stories by photographer Flo Maak can be seen at Galerie Bernhard Knaus Fine Art in Frankfurt until the end of April. In his installation "The Red Green" Maak deals with the worldwide spread of the plant Chromolaena odorata, also known as Siamkraut, Devil's Weed or Communist Pacha. Another installation documents the abstract volcanic landscapes of Mount Etna as a force of nature and part of a life-giving energy cycle.

The impressive photographs were framed in black and white HALBE magnetic frames. With or without passepartout, the frames provide the ideal stage for their contents and unobtrusively underscore their impact.

Collected stories can also be visited in a virtual showroom on Artsy. There is also a YouTube video with a virtual tour and an interview with Flo Maak. You can find more information at