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Quite clean! Jewish ritual baths. Photographs by Peter Seidel

Quite clean! Jewish ritual baths is a touring exhibition which ran from 5 May 2011 – 30 October 2011. The Frankfurt photographer Peter Seidel highlights the architectural intricacies and variety of construction styles used in Jewish ritual baths throughout Europe. The exhibition is a collaboration between the Jewish museums of Vienna, Hohenems and Frankfurt.

For almost twenty years, Seidel has been taking photographs of Jewish ritual baths in France, Italy, Spain, Austria and Germany, from ancient times to the present. The photographer counterbalances the images with quotes by women from Europe, the USA and Israel who, for various reasons, keep their distance from the ritual of the mikvah. An emotive dialogue thus ensues on the subject of an ancient ritual which is still practised today. This impressive series of pictures is presented with Hansen neon in black passepartout magnetic frames fitted with Mirogard glass.

Photos: Peter Seidel

Peter-Seidel-Ganz-rein8-640x450 Peter-Seidel-Ganz-rein7-640x450