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Simply Beautiful!?

On 6 May, the special exhibition entitled Einfach nur schön! (Simply Beautiful!) opened at the Paul Seuthe Museum in Werdohl, which has been privately run by Thomas Benecke since 2016. This year, the focus is on floral still lifes and nature motifs. Visitors can make further appointments for the exhibition by telephone on 02392/4015. Admission is free. The original collection of works by Paul Seuthe has now grown to 160.



About the artist

Paul Seuthe was born in Hagen in 1909 and trained as a bricklayer. In 1923 Seuthe had his first contact with painting. From 1928-1930 he studied architecture and then worked in Werdohl as a civil engineer and architect. In 1957 the city of Werdohl commissioned him to create a memorial which stands on Grimmeplatz. However, he mainly painted pictures of the Sauerland. Until 1973 he stopped his artistic activity to a large extent and was active as an architect. Paul Seuthe died in Werdohl in 1997 at the age of 88.



Frames in use

The works are presented in HALBE frames. These are Conservo magnetic frames with the profile Alu 12 in palladium. The glass type Mirogard Plus was chosen. The classic picture frames support the soft look of the still life and nature motifs and offer you a perfect stage.