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"Special hanging" with HALBE frames

Following photographic traces

The possibilities for wall design with picture frames are endless. Dr. Wilfried Forschner proves this in his practice. In the 80s, the dentist acquired a photo series of Biberach (South Germany), taken by local photographer Jean Gallus. In 2020, Dr. Forschner followed the photographic footsteps of the recently deceased artist and took the same motifs again. The finished series on the wall is something to be proud of.


The "Special hanging"

The resulting "journey through time" has been stylishly and creatively staged by Forschner in his practice. The analogue originals were each brought together with their current counterpart on the wall. For this purpose, he used the HALBE Classic picture frames in Alu 8 white, in 30x30cm for the originals and in 20x20cm for his own photographs. The slim aluminium frames enhance the monochrome photos without distracting from them.

The Gallus photographs are each hung on a HALBE perlon rope at gallery rails. Below them hang the new photographs, firmly attached to their counterparts. This connection was achieved by means of two knurled screws and a perforated plate (see pictures). A practical tip from Dr. Forschner: to prevent the metal screws from staining the woodchip wallpaper, it is sufficient to put a piece of silicone tubing with an inner diameter of 15 mm and a wall thickness of 2 mm with a little overhang on the knurled screw.


Flowery outlooks

Even in his vaulted cellar, HALBE magnetic frames come into play. Dr. Forschner had pictures of the flowers taken with his smartphone enlarged and created a beautiful little exhibition with the photographs. The rich colours of the flowers shine in their white passepartouts. Together with the slim aluminium frames, they skilfully break with the rustic walls and create a unique and modern space.


© Pictures: Dr. Wilfried Forschner