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Stylish presentation of the hygiene guidelines

Intercoiffure Udo Iden has framed the Corona-conditional regulation

In a gradual return to "normality", all retail as well as service businesses have many Corona-related guidelines to follow in order to protect the health and well-being of their customers and employees. In the spirit of a hygienic and organizationally orderly return to business, all businesses must adhere to rules of conduct and hygiene measures and communicate accordingly.

Guidelines for managing customer traffic include, but are not limited to, advice on wearing mouth-to-nose coverings before entering the shop area, limiting access to the maximum number of customers allowed into the sales area or maintaining a minimum distance. All chambers and associations have developed posters for their members with the specific guidelines, which they can download as pfd files and hang in their stores.

Many people can hardly wait to finally go to the hairdresser again. But the all-round pampering service is limited. The hygiene guidelines for infection prophylaxis state, among other things, that hands must be disinfected before entering the salon, that consultations may only take place via the mirror and that no head massages may be performed.

hygiene-guideline-in-salon-idenIn order to communicate the hygiene guidelines for hairdressers in line with the business appearance and image, Intercoiffure Udo Iden from Bremen, for example, decided to present the information graphic stylishly in a HALBE magnetic frame in his hairdressing salon. He has framed the coloured DIN A4 printout in a black 30 x 40 mm aluminium frame with passepartout framed. Even before entering the salon, customers can see the hygiene guidelines that have been issued. In addition, he has hung up a notice in the salon. Both notice signs glazed picture frame can be cleaned like the entire salon at any time accordingly with disinfectant.