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Ulla Kimmig - "Kumpel auf vier Beinen - das Grubenpferd" (Buddy on four legs - the mine horse)

On August 7, photographer and photojournalist Ulla Kimmig will open her first exhibition on the theme of "The Horse in the Service of Man" in her new mobile gallery trailer in Jesteburg near Hamburg (Germany). With the new gallery "Wild Mustang - The Horse Gallery" Kimmig wants to tell the story of the horse - a story that is closely intertwined with that of man.


The gallery

With "Wild Mustang - The Horse Gallery" photographer Ulla Kimmig has created something unique. In a converted mobile gallery wagon with an expandable bay window, she wants to show her visitors the importance of the horse for mankind. For this purpose, there will be changing exhibitions about different periods of the history between man and horse. At the moment the mobile gallery is located in Jesteburg near Hamburg. The historical photographs are presented in high-quality picture frames from HALBE.


The exhibition

"Kumpel auf vier Beinen - das Grubenpferd" ("Buddy on four legs - the pit horse") will be officially opened on August 7. Various historical photographs from the beginning of coal mining have been selected for the exhibition and provided with extensively researched information texts by Kimmig. The focus of the series is on the extraordinary achievements of the mine horse for the development of mankind. In addition to impressive photographs, video and audio documentation are also shown.


The photographer

Ulla Kimmig has travelled the world as a photographer and photojournalist and has realised numerous exhibitions. She lives in Jesteburg near Hamburg and loves riding herself. Her horse, the Mustang Sugar Man, is the namesake for her new gallery.


© Pictures: Ulla Kimmig