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The productive force of accidents - an individual project at Villa Empain, Belgium

"This is the title of an exhibition about the pioneer of Pop Art: Robert Rauschenberg. Designed as a circulatory system objects, pictures and furniture move around in the rooms of Villa Empain with special emphasis on the productive force of accidents. 'Accident' is the title of one of Rauschenberg's lithographies which he created from newspaper printing plates in 1963. One year earlier the artist had discovered screen printing for himself. His goal to converge art and reality was meant to give viewers the chance to react to materials rather than just accepting them.

Giles Round compiled works from the Ljubljana International Center of Graphic Art and the Moderna Galerija for a first-time exhibition in Belgium that runs until August 21st, with works by Rauschenberg, Sophia Al-Maria, Radenko Milak, Andrea Büttner, and more. With regular re-installations of the works, repetition creates a vivid enviroment for the circulating art objects.

The exhibits were hung in specially coloured frames such as azure, light pink, black, red, signal orange, cobalt blue, signal yellow and white and framed at Halbe Rahmen."

© Nicolas Lobet, and the Boghossian Foundation - Villa Empain