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Are fire safety frames mandatory?

Fire safety is very important in public areas. As a manufacturer of high-quality picture frames, we are often asked at HALBE whether fire protection picture frames such as the HALBE B1 magnetic frame are therefore generally mandatory in public buildings. The answer to this question is not entirely clear. Here you can find out what is important.


When must fire safety be taken into account?

In general, of course, fire safety always makes sense. However, this cannot be controlled in the private sphere. The topic of safety in public facilities such as schools, universities, authorities or hotels, on the other hand, is gaining more and more attention. Here there are precise fire safety regulations that must be adhered to. In this case our B1 magnetic frame is often the right choice.


DIN 4102-1 - What does it mean?

In German fire safety regulations, there is always talk of DIN 4102. In general, this is a standard of the building code that defines the fire resistance of building materials. The building materials are divided into different building material classes under this standard.

Class DIN 4102-1 B1 refers to flame-retardant building materials that do not continue to burn independently after the source of ignition has been removed. This also includes our specially developed B1 fire protection picture frames.




Which regulations apply?

Fire safety regulations in Germany are not regulated nationwide, but are laid down by the respective federal state in the building regulations. The fire protection officers of the individual operators or school authorities derive specific requirements from these regulations. Therefore, the valid fire protection regulations may differ there.

In addition, different requirements may apply to a building's different areas. For example, higher fire protection requirements may apply in corridors, escape and rescue routes and stairwells than in classrooms or offices.

In case of doubt, you can always ask the owner or operator of the property exactly which fire protection regulations apply. In the case of a school, for example, this is the school management, the education authority and the responsible school authority. You can find all tips about picture frames for schools in our detailed knowledge area.