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Bring colour into play: picture frames for colorful walls

Picture frames embellish every wall - a coloured wall, however, can present a certain challenge. After all, your motifs should be shown to advantage without appearing cluttered. Picture frames offer you plenty of options, whether in black, white, metal or wood.


What always works: contrasting black and white

Two colours always go together - and that's white and black. No matter which colour you have painted your walls, you can always use white and black picture frames. They get along with other colours and make your motif stand out visually from the wall color. This is especially important with colored or even patterned pictures.

Tip: If you use a passepartoutThis has two advantages. On the one hand, you increase the distance to the wall color and thus automatically draw the viewer's eye to the center of the image. Secondly, you achieve a certain depth effect, which strengthens the expressiveness of the motif.

Be creative when it comes to combinations with black and white: use a black and white pattern and frame it with a white picture frame. Or even choose a black and white striped picture frame model and focus on a small motif in the centre of a wide passe-partout. Another nice idea: combine white and black picture frames to create a small gallery of your family - black and white photos are then of course a must.

Picture frame on colored wall in yellow


Black, white or metal: How to create contrasts

You always achieve a contrast when you use a picture frame that contrasts clearly with the wall colour. This means: with light wall colours you use a black frame, while a dark wall colour requires a light picture frame to stand out. Which option is best depends entirely on the effect you want to achieve. Here are a few examples:

Wall color

Picture Frame

A deep Bordeaux red

A matt silver picture frame (or alternatively one with a chrome or palladium finish) emphasises the sophisticated look. With a white picture frame, the contrast is even stronger, especially with a wide model.

Bright red

A white picture frame stands out very well on a red background, while a black model creates a more gentle transition.

Bright yellow

A black model makes a good contrast, but may look a little harsh here. A dark wooden frame (e.g. dark alder) is a sensible alternative.

Dark moss green

Similar to the Bordeaux red, you can achieve an extremely elegant and luxurious effect here with a silver frame. Brushed stainless steel exudes a modern flair. A white picture frame looks straightforward and direct.

Patterned wall (e.g. dark base colour, spiced up with light stripes or patterns)

If several colours have been used on one wall, you should go for a white picture frame and also choose the motif in a more restrained colour (e.g. black and white) so as not to overload the wall.

Tip: Dark walls make the room look smaller. Work with light picture frames so that they appear less "oppressive".


Ideas for your home: Bring colour into play

Even if you are somewhat limited by the colouring of your wall when it comes to the colour picture frames - there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to the content. Try these exciting ideas for your four walls, for example:

  • Pop art style: use a white picture frame with a high frame structure to achieve a strong depth effect. Inside, place a picture in four different colourings, in true pop art style. In doing so, pick up on the colour of your wall.
  • Retro style: look for vintage 1970s-style wallpaper - eye-catching patterns with circles and diamonds, geometric shapes, radiant colours (pick up wall color!). Cut them to the size of your picture frame and frame the wallpaper patterns.
  • Hearty picture frames: On your colored wall, arrange quite a few picture frames so that together they form a heart or other shape. This works best with small dimensions.

Wooden frame on blue wall

Be bold - whether it's black and white picture frames or the metal variety, it's easy to spice up colorful walls. Feel free to try something new, you will certainly like the result.