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Corrugated Board - Things to Look Out For

Our supplier KLUG-CONSERVATION is the market leader in the production of corrugated board made of age-resistant paper. These boards are used, for example, in our HALBE Conservo and Protect frames. For optimum protection of artworks in exhibitions and museums, it is important that both frame and cardboard meet the highest conservation standards.

The quality of corrugated board depends on many factors. KLUG is committed to transparency and explains what is also important for museum cardboard. According to the standards DIN EN ISO 9706 and DIN ISO 16245 - Type A, products used for permanent storage must be made completely from fresh fibre cellulose. As this material is quite expensive, many manufacturers save on production costs - this has a significant effect on the quality of the board. Again, the best price is not the best quality.

Therefore, when buying age-resistant corrugated board, you should always make sure that the manufacturer specifies all necessary technical parameters. This allows you to compare the stability and resistance of the board with others. Among the most important parameters are fibre quality, basis weight, thickness of plies, surface density, water and bleeding resistance, and corrugation height of the board. Detailed information on all important aspects can be found at