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Picture frames on the shelf: ideas for the perfect arrangement

Whether it's a short board or a long shelf space - if you pack a shelf full of books, it will look very squat and not particularly attractive. A nice change are picture frames in which you present a charming saying, a modern graphic or even an impressive black and white shot. HALBE Rahmen shows you how to arrange picture frames artfully in or on a shelf and which models are best suited for this.


Picture frame on shelf next to books

Picture frames on or next to shelves: Arrangement options

How do you arrange your picture frames? We'll show you some ideas on how to make your shelves look attractive - and with just a few simple steps:

  • Place a large picture in the middle of the shelf and combine one or two smaller motifs to the side.
  • If you would like to place several picture frames on one shelf, make sure that there is variety so that the overall picture does not look unimaginative. To do this, either vary the size of the picture frames or also between portrait and landscape format.
  • Combine colour and black and white: Frame black and white prints with black and white frames. For a picture, on the other hand - the eye-catcher in the collage - choose a coloured picture frame and a coloured motif.
  • If you arrange several picture frames of the same kind on the same shelf, keep the spacing extremely precise. This creates a gallery-like look.
  • Several design elements create an exciting overall picture: place picture frames in different sizes and combine them with simple flower vases, brown cardboard boxes with pinned instant pictures or retro motifs, large letters made of wood or cardboard or white cards with life wisdoms. Allow these elements to overlap a little to break up the picture.
  • When you drape the picture frames on the shelf, choose their height so that there is still some space at the top. Otherwise the overall picture will look a little too squat.

Tip: Picture frames with a very deep frame may be able to stand on their own. All other models, however, need to be fixed. If they are simply leaned against the wall, they could slip on a slippery surface and fall down. There are several options here:

  • If the shelf has a raised end edge, you can safely lean the picture frames against it.
  • Use a stand to ensure a safe stand. The HALBE picture frames are always supplied with a barely visible, stable stand, which is very easy to attach.
  • Apply double-sided adhesive tape to the back of the frame to additionally fix it to the wall and prevent it from slipping.

Photo frame on shelf

The ideal picture frame for the shelf

Which picture frame is suitable for your home depends on the overall picture you want to achieve and, of course, on the shelf. If it is to be a composition of many individual elements, it is best to use a restrained frame (e.g. the HALBE photo frame ). Combine picture frames with and without passepartout to create variety.

A picture frame with depth effect (e.g HALBE Distance magnetic frame) is ideal if you want to arrange the photos on your shelf in a gallery-like fashion. They are the ideal basis for clear, straight lines without frills, because they set your motifs perfectly in scene.

Tip: Did you know that you can configure the HALBE picture frames to suit your taste in different colours? Here you can get exactly the frames that fit your shelf.

How would you like to arrange your picture frames in or on your shelf? HALBE frames offers you unlimited design possibilities. We hope you enjoy your own creations!