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Perfectly set the scene for wedding photos in a picture frame

The perfect wedding frame - stylishly setting the scene for wedding photos

The day on which two lovers say "I do" is unique. A day that you will remember for the rest of your life with a tear of joy in the corner of your eye. Wedding photos have a very special position for exactly this reason. They are meant to capture the beautiful, emotional moments and allow the couple to relive their moment of happiness together over and over again. Memories are created for eternity. But only when put on paper and visible at any time are the moments captured. All the more important is the presentation of these dreamlike pictures, because just like the marriage, your picture frame for wedding photos should last forever.

Picture frame for wedding pictures

With the right picture frame for wedding pictures you emphasize the character of your picture. It draws the eye to the subject and brings out its true value. In addition, your valuable image is protected from external influences. In the magnetic frames from HALBE, you can set the scene perfectly for your very personal moment of happiness. The framing professionals at HALBE explain how to frame your wedding photos in the most impressive way:


The motif in the foreground

The picture frame is the stage for your wedding picture. It should discreetly support the effect of the picture and not become the centre of attention itself. The interplay of the right profile, the matching colour and the presentation with or without passepartout are the simplest but most effective starting points for presenting the picture in style.


Framing with passe-partout

The larger a picture, the more impressive its effect. One decides between a flat framing and a framing with passe-partout. A passepartout creates more space between the picture and the environment and a beautiful depth effect is created. In this way, even smaller pictures are impressively set in scene. Framing with a passe-partout is timeless and elegant. It supports the picture and makes it shine even more.


The right material

Which material you choose, wood or aluminium, depends on the motif, the place where it will be hung and, of course, your own taste. A wooden frame looks warm, soft and natural. An aluminium frame, on the other hand, is more elegant and cool. Wedding pictures in nature unfold their effect better in wooden frames, while straight-lined pictures (like our example picture) are very impressive in a coherent aluminium frame. You should also coordinate the material with your furnishings. For example, if the picture hangs in an environment with a lot of real wood furniture, this theme can be picked up. In that case, the wood types should match each other, or ideally you should choose the same type of wood. However, you can also create unique accents with breaks in style.


The matching colour

The colour of the frame also plays an important role in perception. The frame should draw the eye to the subject and not draw too much attention to itself. Darker photographs require a strong, dark frame, whereas lighter motifs tend to come out well in light frames. Plain silver is almost always suitable because it blends in perfectly with the surroundings. For our example picture we recommend shiny chrome, as it wonderfully underlines the noble effect of the picture and the silver jewellery of the bride is picked up.


The perfect profile

Our example image has a very delicate look and shows a bride in white on a white background. A narrow frame profile such as the rounded aluminium profile goes particularly well with this. The picture frame takes a back seat, but gives the picture a containment to better unfold its effect.


Not to be forgotten: The glass

The right choice of picture glass should not be underestimated, because it separates the picture from its surroundings and the viewer of the picture. It should be unobtrusive and allow an undistorted view of the picture. Nothing is more disturbing than reflections. To avoid these, special attention should be paid to the surface of the picture glass. A glossy glass shows perfect contour sharpness and is rich in contrast, but it reflects the spatial environment. Frosted glass takes the reflection, but also slightly reduces the luminosity of colours and sharpness.

Ideal for a wedding photo is museum glass. It combines reflection reduction with perfect contour sharpness and rich contrasts. Our clear recommendation for the best picture enjoyment.


Examples of wedding framing

No matter which framing you ultimately choose, your magical snapshots deserve a beautiful stage, through a picture frame that is coordinated down to the last detail. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the interplay between wedding picture and picture frame.



Aluminium frame in chrome without passe-partout

A stylish and simple frame that goes well with this picture. It fits perfectly into the overall look of the picture.



Our favourite: Aluminium frame in chrome with passepartout

The filigree and noble frame fits perfectly to the picture. The passepartout gives the picture even more space and depth, which makes it stand out even more effectively.



This is also the way to go: Wooden frame in light alder

Blends in well with a warm ambience and picks up on the bride's skin tone, creating a harmonious interplay.



Not so much! Wooden frame in black oak

The dark frame creates a very strong contrast, making the picture look too bulky and overshadowed by the frame.