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The perfect stage for your artwork

A grey picture frame is perfect if you want to change your artwork often, because the picture frame grey is very simple and adapts perfectly to each artwork. So one week you can present a collage of your favorite photos in this frame, but another week you can just as easily frame a landscape painting. The picture frame grey adapts excellently to the different pictures without itself moving too much into the foreground or disappearing too much. The frame forms a perfect stage for your picture and only through the successful combination between picture frame and artwork you get a coherent result. Visit our online shop now and order your picture frame in grey at HALBE. You can choose from various standard sizes, or specify your size to the millimeter. Thereupon, the frame will be cut precisely for you. In addition, you can also generate a passepartout in different colours and different sizes, so that the picture and frame are even more stylish.

Picture frame grey

Picture frame grey as a gift

Just because of its neutrality, the picture frame grey is perfect for giving as a gift. You are not sure whether you meet the taste of the recipient if you choose a slightly more unusual frame? No problem, because with a picture frame grey you always make the right choice. Due to its versatile usability and its adaptability, the picture frame in grey will be a successful gift. Provided with a personal photo or with a self-painted picture, this gift will be an absolute hit. 


Further colours

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