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Kirchen, Jan. 26, 2023 - The square image format was formative for generations in the last century. The initial spark came in 1929 with the two-eye Rolleiflex. For decades, Hasselblad and Rollei with their square image format were the most popular medium format cameras for many professional photographers. The symmetrical aspect ratio draws the viewer's attention to the subject in focus. Andy Warhol's glamorous square silkscreen prints of Marilyn Monroe are world famous. Today, square images are an important part of minimalist aesthetics and a symbol of style for a reason. HALBE offers individual square magnetic frames with wood and aluminum profiles up to large format 200 x 200 cm - in which works of art are particularly effective.
Pictures are full of emotion and passion, as they reflect a special moment of our lives. Be it a snapshot from the last family trip, a yellowed black and white portrait of the grandparents or the first sketch from the daughter - all these pictures are too good to be forgotten in the drawer. With the high-quality photo frames from HALBE, small-format pictures can not only be perfectly decorated on the sideboard or wall, but also make a personal gift.
Panoramic images belong to the supreme discipline in painting and photography. They offer a wider perspective, inspire with a realistic impression and are a real pleasure for the viewer
No matter whether a baby is announced or the children's room is transformed into a teenager's room - our little ones should feel comfortable in their realm. Pictures are among the most popular decorative elements. HALBE Rahmen gives tips on what to look out for.
This year's winners of the German Brand Awards - one of the most important German brand awards - have been announced. Out of 1,200 entries, HALBE-Rahmen prevailed in the "Excellent Brands" discipline and won in the "Interior and Living" category with the product film "Große Momente - einfach rahmen".
It is the dream of every artist to present his works to a wide audience in the context of an exhibition - behind it is a lot of work as well as detailed planning.
Sustainability - that doesn't just mean the climate, the quality of the air or the carbon footprint. It also means rethinking and breaking new ground. Aluminum picture frames are among the most popular frames because of their modern look
The new Alu 7 aluminum profile from HALBE frames gives smaller pictures up to 70 x 100 cm in particular a masterful appearance. The narrow, striking strip stages works of art like no other frame. With a rebate width of 7.5 mm, it fulfills the desire of art lovers for even more discreet and restrained framing.
A brilliant idea, six frame types, 14 different profiles and colours as well as 15 selectable glass types allow for more than 293,000 combinations of standard formats in the HALBE frame manufactory ( But not every one of these frames is suitable for a harmonious integration of a bright artwork into a room and for giving it the necessary radiance. Minimalist graphics in particular require thin frames that emphasise the lightness and clarity of the artwork. Through perfect staging on coloured walls and, if necessary, with appropriate lighting, relatively unflashy pictures can become true "highlights".
Walls without pictures look lifeless. Whether photography, watercolor or graphics - pictures are the icing on the cake to give an apartment or business premises the desired coziness. For a successful arrangement, certain rules must be observed so that the "jewels" can develop their full radiance
We can hardly imagine walls without pictures - they add a special flair to any room. Choosing a work of art is just as exciting as the task of finding the right place for it. Each hanging is a design act that depends on specific spatial conditions.
On special occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas or Easter, you want to surprise your loved ones with a personal gift. Pictures are one of the classics among the most popular gift ideas - sounds simple, but requires a delicate touch. No matter if you want to bring a photo, a child's sketch or a collage - with a HALBE magnetic frame you can turn a simple surprise into a personal gift idea in no time at all.
A few days ago, Norway finished the build of an architectural monument for its famous painter Edvard Munch – and HALBE frames was involved. The new Munch Museum is majestically enthroned on the Oslofjord and presents over 400 works by the expressionist on an area of 4,500 square meters. The relocation of the 42,000-object collection was a good opportunity to also reframe the valuable works of art. In addition to design considerations, the protection and security of the paintings played a decisive role. Together with the Munich specialist for contemporary frames, Werner Murrer, HALBE was awarded the contract for developing a non-visible interior frame that meets the highest conservation standards.
Much has changed since the foundation of HALBE Rahmen GmbH, but what has remained the same is the striving for perfect framework conditions. In the course of history, HALBE has repeatedly set new quality standards and driven technical advances. This anniversary year, HALBE does not only look back at the beginnings and founding days of the company, but still has, in addition to the milestones they were able to set on the way to one of the world's leading quality manufacturers of picture frames, always the future in mind
For some years now, wood has been celebrating its great comeback in interior design, which is also reflected in wall decor. At HALBE, wooden picture frames are a long tradition. That is why HALBE offers wooden magnetic frames in maple, oak, alder, ash and walnut as well as in different colour shades from white to natural, brown to black, and four different moulding widths up to 200 x 300 cm. HALBE focuses on the highest quality with a sustainable approach to nature.
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