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It is the dream of every artist to present his works to a wide audience in the context of an exhibition - behind it is a lot of work as well as detailed planning.
Sustainability - that doesn't just mean the climate, the quality of the air or the carbon footprint. It also means rethinking and breaking new ground. Aluminum picture frames are among the most popular frames because of their modern look
The new Alu 7 aluminum profile from HALBE frames gives smaller pictures up to 70 x 100 cm in particular a masterful appearance. The narrow, striking strip stages works of art like no other frame. With a rebate width of 7.5 mm, it fulfills the desire of art lovers for even more discreet and restrained framing.
A brilliant idea, six frame types, 14 different profiles and colours as well as 15 selectable glass types allow for more than 293,000 combinations of standard formats in the HALBE frame manufactory ( But not every one of these frames is suitable for a harmonious integration of a bright artwork into a room and for giving it the necessary radiance. Minimalist graphics in particular require thin frames that emphasise the lightness and clarity of the artwork. Through perfect staging on coloured walls and, if necessary, with appropriate lighting, relatively unflashy pictures can become true "highlights".
Walls without pictures look lifeless. Whether photography, watercolor or graphics - pictures are the icing on the cake to give an apartment or business premises the desired coziness. For a successful arrangement, certain rules must be observed so that the "jewels" can develop their full radiance
We can hardly imagine walls without pictures - they add a special flair to any room. Choosing a work of art is just as exciting as the task of finding the right place for it. Each hanging is a design act that depends on specific spatial conditions.
On special occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas or Easter, you want to surprise your loved ones with a personal gift. Pictures are one of the classics among the most popular gift ideas - sounds simple, but requires a delicate touch. No matter if you want to bring a photo, a child's sketch or a collage - with a HALBE magnetic frame you can turn a simple surprise into a personal gift idea in no time at all.
A few days ago, Norway finished the build of an architectural monument for its famous painter Edvard Munch – and HALBE frames was involved. The new Munch Museum is majestically enthroned on the Oslofjord and presents over 400 works by the expressionist on an area of 4,500 square meters. The relocation of the 42,000-object collection was a good opportunity to also reframe the valuable works of art. In addition to design considerations, the protection and security of the paintings played a decisive role. Together with the Munich specialist for contemporary frames, Werner Murrer, HALBE was awarded the contract for developing a non-visible interior frame that meets the highest conservation standards.
Much has changed since the foundation of HALBE Rahmen GmbH, but what has remained the same is the striving for perfect framework conditions. In the course of history, HALBE has repeatedly set new quality standards and driven technical advances. This anniversary year, HALBE does not only look back at the beginnings and founding days of the company, but still has, in addition to the milestones they were able to set on the way to one of the world's leading quality manufacturers of picture frames, always the future in mind
For some years now, wood has been celebrating its great comeback in interior design, which is also reflected in wall decor. At HALBE, wooden picture frames are a long tradition. That is why HALBE offers wooden magnetic frames in maple, oak, alder, ash and walnut as well as in different colour shades from white to natural, brown to black, and four different moulding widths up to 200 x 300 cm. HALBE focuses on the highest quality with a sustainable approach to nature.
The unit picture-passepartout-frame is of considerable importance so that a picture can unfold its full radiance. In addition to the selection of the passepartout-colour, the passepartout art and the cutting should be given the greatest attention. For 75 years, the HALBE team has known the subtleties that must be observed in a perfect framing with passepartout so that the viewer's eye is drawn to the picture and remains in his memory
The classic picture frame was designed for framing flat works of art. Increasingly, artists are working with multiple layers, characterful wavy papers or creating elaborate collages. But also special mementos, certificates with relief-like seals or precious sketches are increasingly framed for conservation and effective staging. For this, you need one thing: the Distance magnetic frame that offers space between the glass and the back wall.
Square framed pictures have enjoyed great popularity not only since Instagram & Co. Renowned painters, such as Gustav Klimt, liked to immortalize their expressive paintings on square canvases. Nowadays, smartphone users upload square pictures to social networks. Generally, square pictures represent high quality and detailed imagery. A square picture frame can enhance the charisma of an image while emphasizing the image dynamics. In addition, square framed pictures offer greater design freedom when it comes to hanging
Black and white artworks are something very special and have experienced a kind of renaissance in recent years. The pictorial content must speak for itself. By reducing to the essential, black and white photographs, charcoal sketches and etchings can surprise the viewer and draw the eye to the motif. The selection of a suitable picture frame should be given the greatest possible attention, as it supports the artistic and aesthetic effect
From the concept to the realization of an art exhibition, many aspects have to be considered. Realizing an exhibition is very time-consuming - at the beginning of every exhibition project is the detailed planning - topic, exhibition location, target group, timing, financing, etc.. No matter if it is about impressive photographs, fancy lithographs or extravagant paintings - every exhibition should ideally arouse curiosity and interest among art lovers.
Two becomes one: The optimal museum picture frame with distance. Beauty is fleeting - thousands of pictures and paintings prove the opposite. With the right framing and care they often outlast centuries. In recent years, the focus of museums and art collectors has shifted significantly towards the prevention of art objects. HALBE Framing has therefore further developed the Conservo magnetic frame proven in European museums. Under the motto "play it safe with a distance", the Conservo-Distance magnetic frame was developed, which combines the best of several frame variants. It offers optimal conservation conditions for flat works on paper that are particularly worthy of protection and slightly three-dimensional objects that are to be mounted plano or free-floating. Simple framing from the top and magnetic spacer bars, in addition to a well thought-out design, are the distinguishing features of the new CONSERVO-DISTANCE frame.
Works of art in XXL format place special demands on frames and hanging, as they can quickly weigh 70 kg and more. HALBE-Rahmen knows exactly what to look for when framing art objects, so that the value of the image is fully appreciated.
Hanging pictures skilfully has presented many an art lover with great challenges. In addition to choosing the right picture frame and the right location, the type of mounting and suspension plays an important role in the presentation of photographs, graphics and other prints. Whether with nails or screws on the wall, by means of a gallery rail on perlon or wire ropes - each hanging method has its advantages and disadvantages.
Kirchen, May 14, 2020 - Wooden frames are the classics among picture frames. The processing of wooden strips is firmly anchored in the company history of HALBE frames. 25 years ago Heinrich HALBE succeeded in developing the first high-quality magnetic frame made of solid wood, which met the high quality requirements for protection and comfort. On the occasion of the wooden frame anniversary at HALBE the popular ash wood with its characterful grain was added to the portfolio as a filigree wooden frame in colours natural, white and black.
Kirchen, 10 Feb. 2020 - Around 5,300 design and project developments from 69 countries were submitted for the German Design Award 2020. HALBE-Rahmen prevails with the development of the 3D picture frame configurator in the category "Excellent Communications Design Web".
What do you give grandma for her 80th birthday, your girlfriend for a barbecue or your colleague for a company anniversary? Whether it's a photo from a bygone era, a crayon drawing of the children or a watercolour - framed pictures look more valuable and express appreciation towards the recipient. A wealth of ideas and aesthetic flair are required for framing
For the reproduction of highly sophisticated motifs, renowned photographers often opt for exquisite FineArt papers, which lend the images a special value through their different surface structures. As diverse as works of art are, so are the presentation options. Whether on canvas, aluminium dibond, glossy or matt FineArt paper - a picture can only unfold its full radiance with the right choice of framing
In public spaces, not only is an impressive presentation of pictures important, but safety also plays a central role. The market leader HALBE-frame ( regularly demonstrates its innovative strength and was the first company in the world to develop a magnetic frame with fire protection function, which was awarded the Red Dot Design Award, among others, due to its functionality, quality and design.
A harmonious frame and the right glass make every work of art a real eye-catcher. But not all glass is the same - there are a variety of different types of glass, which have a great influence on the effect of the FineArt print. Photographers, art collectors and gallery owners increasingly prefer anti-reflective glass in order to achieve a reflection-free and unadulterated view of the original - as without glass, but without foregoing the protective effect of glass.
Whether kindergarten, school or university - the entrance area as well as the corridors and classrooms are often "monotonous" reality. The effect of pictures is not to be underestimated - suddenly these areas develop a completely different dynamic, radiate individuality and character. With expressively framed pictures of the children and young people, white walls become impressive galleries and awaken emotions
Kirchen, April 24, 2019 - Small-format watercolors, rare stamps, colorful postcards, valuable art prints or old black-and-white photographs - many small art treasures lie dormant in our drawers and deserve to be perfectly showcased.
Kirchen, March 19, 2019 - colour is an ideal tool to change the effect of rooms that are too small, too dark, too low or simply unflatteringly cut. Unfortunately, we often handle colour too carelessly - whether it's choosing upholstery fabrics for the sofa, lampshades or wall design. You can't go wrong with white walls, but on colored ones, pictures often gain in radiance.
Kirchen, Feb 7, 2019 - Choosing a piece of art is as exciting as the task of finding the appropriate space. Paintings are a crucial element of residential and commercial interior design. They make rooms homely, give them their own character and provide the necessary aha effect. Anyone who wants to rearrange works of art quickly realizes: the right arrangement is what counts. Regardless of whether the pictures are large or small, framed or unframed - they must fit in with the overall picture and ambience of the room. Paintings, photographs, sketches but also lithographs can be staged in the most diverse ways. HALBE-frames knows the small A to Z of hanging artworks in front of white and coloured backgrounds, in small and large rooms.
Kirchen, 8 January 2019 - Pictures are a matter of taste - choosing the right frame is not. Only through a suitable frame photos, sketches, drawings and paintings unfold their full effect and give a room a personal touch. Whether at home, in the company, in schools or museums - we cannot imagine walls without pictures. With the newly developed 3D configurator on the HALBE website, the individual production of a frame with or without passepartout can be commissioned with just a few mouse clicks. The 3D configurator not only shows almost photo-realistically the created frame free-floating from all sides, but also on request on the wall in a virtually furnished room. Perfect online ordering service is capitalized at HALBE frames
Kirchen, November 12, 2018 - Gold is not just a metal - in the past it was a symbol of wealth and power, today it is an expression of style and elegance. Gold-colored furniture and accessories look noble and spread a touch of luxury. Many designers and interior decorators rely on the trend colour gold, as it can be perfectly combined with various styles, colours and materials. Reason enough for a limited "Gold Edition" of HALBE ( with discreet matte aluminum surface, up to a size of 70 x 100 cm on. Available from 22 November 2018.
Kirchen, October 11, 2018 - Imagery is full of emotion and passion. Images move people and evoke memories. The most beautiful way to showcase a print, watercolor or photograph is to frame it. Through a coherent professional framing, a work of art can unfold its full expressiveness and give rooms their own character. Furthermore, the frame underlines the value of an art object.
Instant pictures/Polaroids and framed pictures are fully in trend. From now on, Polaroids can be stylishly staged with the HALBE collage frames.
Churches, July 27, 2018 - Many graphic designers, painters, and photographers include the frame in the artistic creation of their artwork because it enhances the luminosity of the colours and the expressiveness of an image. In addition to protecting the original, the frame can add value to the art object
HALBE-Rahmen manufactures high-quality individual picture frames for the grand entrance up to the format 200 x 300 cm - no matter whether it is a painting or a photograph
For the 11th time, the environmental photography festival "horizonte zingst" will take place on May 26. Until June 3, visitors have the opportunity to admire the different photographs under the motto: nature, culture, photography and encounter and to share the joy of photography with others. This year, some collections will again be exhibited in HALBE magnetic frames.
The right choice of framing supports the value and effect of a picture. At HALBE every frame is made exactly according to the wishes and ideas of the customer. You will also receive tips and recommendations on how to find the right frame.

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With the right choice of glass, every work of art becomes a real eye-catcher. HALBE-Frames gives tips and recommendations on the subject of glass. So you are guaranteed to find the right glass for your frame.
HALBE-Rahmen manufactures picture frames with the highest quality standards. Whether in the museum, office or private home. The functionality and design are always in the foreground. With the unique magnetic frame principle of HALBE framing becomes child's play.