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The hallway is the "business card" of the house - whether small or large, narrow or winding - HALBE-Rahmen knows the special requirements of the entrance area and knows how to give it a homely touch with a wow effect using pictures.
The DISTANCE magnetic frame offers space between the glass and the back wall so that three-dimensional art objects can be framed behind glass.
The B1 magnetic frame combines the highest safety requirements with child's play handling. Perfect for involving children and young people in the planning and design of an exhibition.
The HALBE product range changes. The museum glass Mirograd from SCHOTT is replaced by Artglass by Groglass.
"Big is beautiful" - this is especially true for large format images. Every artist tries to capture a special moment in his picture - in XXL format these moments come alive.
One of the classic stylistic devices of an impressive framing is the passepartout. Together with the picture and the frame, the passepartout forms a unit that has a significant influence on the artistic quality and effect of the artwork.
The new magic word in interiors is "white living" - these timelessly elegant rooms offer a fantastic stage for extraordinary design and impressive works of art. Wooden elements in the form of furniture or accessories cannot be missing here as an expression of a sustainable lifestyle. Furniture made of oak was considered "old-fashioned" - today it is more fashionable than ever.
The variety of FineArt papers is huge. In addition to glossy, matte and textured paper types, there have even been sustainable natural papers made from rapidly renewable raw materials for some time. The effect of a picture is different on every paper. But a successful presentation of a FineArt print is unthinkable without a suitable frame. HALBE shows what to look out for.
Kirchen, Jan. 26, 2023 - The square image format was formative for generations in the last century. The initial spark came in 1929 with the two-eye Rolleiflex. For decades, Hasselblad and Rollei with their square image format were the most popular medium format cameras for many professional photographers. The symmetrical aspect ratio draws the viewer's attention to the subject in focus. Andy Warhol's glamorous square silkscreen prints of Marilyn Monroe are world famous. Today, square images are an important part of minimalist aesthetics and a symbol of style for a reason. HALBE offers individual square magnetic frames with wood and aluminum profiles up to large format 200 x 200 cm - in which works of art are particularly effective.
Pictures are full of emotion and passion, as they reflect a special moment of our lives. Be it a snapshot from the last family trip, a yellowed black and white portrait of the grandparents or the first sketch from the daughter - all these pictures are too good to be forgotten in the drawer. With the high-quality photo frames from HALBE, small-format pictures can not only be perfectly decorated on the sideboard or wall, but also make a personal gift.
Panoramic images belong to the supreme discipline in painting and photography. They offer a wider perspective, inspire with a realistic impression and are a real pleasure for the viewer
No matter whether a baby is announced or the children's room is transformed into a teenager's room - our little ones should feel comfortable in their realm. Pictures are among the most popular decorative elements. HALBE Rahmen gives tips on what to look out for.
This year's winners of the German Brand Awards - one of the most important German brand awards - have been announced. Out of 1,200 entries, HALBE-Rahmen prevailed in the "Excellent Brands" discipline and won in the "Interior and Living" category with the product film "Große Momente - einfach rahmen".
It is the dream of every artist to present his works to a wide audience in the context of an exhibition - behind it is a lot of work as well as detailed planning.
Sustainability - that doesn't just mean the climate, the quality of the air or the carbon footprint. It also means rethinking and breaking new ground. Aluminum picture frames are among the most popular frames because of their modern look
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