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Custom puzzle frames for your home

Puzzles have been very popular again for some time now. Whether it's a beautiful landscape, the skyline of your favourite city or a great animal motif - the most beautiful self-assembled pictures are often far too good to be left in the cupboard. Give them a place of honour on the wall instead, and add a personal touch to your home.

A puzzle looks particularly good when put in a picture frame. At the same time, it is optimally protected. The CLASSIC magnetic frames from HALBE are perfect for framing your new puzzle. Find out here what there is to consider when choosing a puzzle frame and how to easily frame a puzzle.


Puzzle frame made to measure - what do I need to consider?

Jigsaw puzzles are easily framed if they fit exactly into the frame. Therefore, you should know the dimensions of the finished puzzle. The size of a puzzle depends on the manufacturer. The particularly popular 1000-piece puzzles often fit into a 50 x 70 cm picture frame. A suitable picture frame for other puzzles is usually made individually.

In our frame configurator, you can specify the necessary dimensions down to the last millimetre - this ensures that the puzzle will fit perfectly in the picture frame. The dimensions given here always refer to the inside dimensions of the frame. For a 33 x 21 cm jigsaw puzzle, for example, select a 330 x 210 mm picture frame in the configurator.


The manufacturer's information on puzzle dimensions may differ from the actual size. Therefore, it is worthwhile to first solve the edges of the puzzle and measure them before you order the picture frame. This guarantees a puzzle frame that fits precisely to the millimetre.


Puzzle and frame fit exactly


Of course, it is also possible to order the frame in the next larger standard format. Framing the puzzle, however, will then be much more difficult. We therefore recommend to always use a puzzle frame that is made to measure. This will save a lot of time and effort!

When choosing your puzzle picture frame, you should also consider the insertion depth. As standard, jigsaw puzzles are approx. 2 mm thick. Additionally, there may be a backing board on which the puzzle is placed.

Simply select the correct insertion depth (puzzle thickness + background cardboard) in the configurator. If the format and depth are chosen correctly, nothing stands in the way of the perfect puzzle picture frame!


Sufficient insertion depth for puzzle and cardboard


How do I frame a puzzle?

As soon as you have your individual puzzle frame in your hands, you are ready to go! The easiest way to get a perfectly framed jigsaw puzzle is to solve the puzzle directly in the picture frame or on a solid background board. This not only makes framing easier, but also simplifies the whole process. In the picture frame, the unfinished puzzle is safely stowed away and can be quickly moved out of the way if necessary.

If the puzzle and frame fit exactly, there is often no need for additional gluing. The finished puzzle can simply be placed on the backing board in the frame. Then you just insert the glass and put the frame profile back on the frame. Thanks to our unique magnetic frame principle, the puzzle is framed from the front in a flash!


Solve the puzzle directly on a carrier board



Real glass is particularly suitable for puzzle picture frames because it does not bend. We recommend white glass matt/glossy for puzzle picture frames. White glass ensures optimal colour reproduction, and the frosted surface reliably reduces reflections. This way, your new puzzle is prepared for all lighting conditions.


Customize your puzzle frames

In our in-house configurator, you can freely select dimensions, insertion depth and glass. But of course, the right picture frame for your puzzle must also be a perfect visual fit! That's why you can choose between frames made of aluminium or wood in many different colours.

When choosing, it is best to orientate yourself on your furnishings and the puzzle motif. Classic black or white is particularly versatile. Warm tones look great in a natural wooden frame. This creates a harmonious overall picture that you will enjoy for a long time.


Black puzzle frame