Placing pictures on several walls

You can achieve a balanced impression by hanging a picture at the same height on several walls in the room. This accentuated arrangement is particularly popular in cafés, waiting rooms or offices, for example. It conveys calm and order. Another advantage is that each picture is equally effective.

On each wall hang - depending on the size of the room - only one or several pictures at a greater distance. Simple frames are best for this arrangement, as the motif of the picture should be in the foreground. The pictures should be large-format or of medium size. Pictures that are too small usually look less impressive. For these, the second arrangement is more suitable, which we will show you next.

 The arrangement in brief:

  • few pictures, presented in an accentuated way
  • simple frames
  • rather large format pictures
  • the motif is the focal point

Designing a wall with pictures

Designing a wall or an area with a composition of several pictures has been a trend for a long time. This idea is especially popular in living rooms. In contrast to pictures scattered around the room, it creates a targeted eye-catcher that focuses the viewer's attention. Therefore, it is also ideal in restaurants or other places where people gather.

If you put several pictures together to a total work of art, you should choose the pictures, but also the frames, carefully. It is particularly nice if the pictures tell a story, i.e. fit together in terms of theme - this is also known as a collage. A highlight in any living room is, for example, a gallery of ancestors with family photos. But pictures with motifs related to the theme also fit well. For a specific eye-catcher, you can choose a picture that stands out in some way: for example, a colourful picture between black and white photos.

When choosing frames, you have several options with which you can achieve very different effects. Either combine different frame sizes, shapes andcolours to your heart's content. Or you can place identical frames next to each other at exact, regular intervals or position them geometrically.


Such an arrangement looks straightforward and modern, while the first combination is more playful.

The arrangement in brief - variant 1:

  • Collage or cluster of several pictures
  • Frames of different colours and sizes
  • Pictures in various formats
  • thematic connection of the pictures is possible

 The arrangement in brief - variant 2:

  • Composition from several pictures
  • identical frames, simple but noble
  • rather large format pictures
  • coherent overall picture is achieved

Tips and tricks for hanging up the pictures

You will need, if you want to arrange pictures accurately

  • a spirit level
  • a long string
  • drawing pins
  • a folding rule or tape measure if necessary

Determine the height at which the upper edge of the picture should start. At this height, attach a string horizontally to the wall with two thumbtacks. Use the spirit level to ensure that the line is straight. Whether you want to hang pictures at the same height on several walls or create a picture collage, for example, this preparation will make it much easier for you to arrange the pictures.

If you want to make sure that you like the way the pictures are arranged, you can also trace the picture frames onto newsprint, cut them out and carefully tape them to the wall. Now you will get an impression of how the arrangement will look on the wall. To select the motifs, a good trick is to lay out the pictures in the planned arrangement on the floor.