The design sketch in the foreground

The sketchbook is often a designer's faithful companion, ideas and drafts are visualized in it - and communicated. The sketch reveals what is simmering in the head, spontaneous inspirations are recorded. The essence of the later product is often already revealed in the sketch. And the personality and working method of the designer. 

The Cologne designers and entrepreneurs Antonia Varelmann and Natalie Weis put the focus on the design sketch in the newly founded Cologne Design Gallery and produce selected drawings by well-known designers in limited editions. At the works receive the attention they deserve. In the associated online shop , the first selected sketches by Eric Degenhardt, Sebastian Herkner and Jonas Wagell are already available. In museum quality and limited edition, hand-signed by the designers and certified by the gallery.

For the framing of the sketches, picture frames from HALBE are used, which present the high-quality prints in the best possible way. Framed in natural-coloured wooden strips or classically with a black aluminium profile, the sketches gain additional attention.

Images: © Cologne Design Gallery