The new exhibition concept of the BFF Berlin

The annual exhibition BFF Triebwerk of the Professional Association of Freelance Photographers and Film Designers Berlin took place from October 8 to November 7, 2015 as part of the "Designmeile Berlin" at Bikini Berlin on almost 800 m². Extraordinary photographs by 54 photographers in equally extraordinary spaces. The collaborative exhibition was conceived and realized by Klaus Mellenthin, Jörg Steck and Valentin Angerer.

Extraordinary premises

The Bikini-Haus belongs to a building complex that was erected with the background of establishing the clothing industry in Berlin.

2 bff triebwerk 1

Even today, the focus is still on clothing. A "shopping mall". It got its unusual name from the people of Berlin, who thought of young and daring swimwear when they saw the second floor.

Exhibition Series & Wildcard

This exhibition series stopped in Berlin and Leipzig, among other places. The special features were, for example, the exciting hanging of the picture frames - free-floating against each other in the room. The basic element was screwed together with fixed hangers to ensure safe hanging. The BFF Wildcard was an exhibition of a special kind. The photographs of 90 photographers were shown at the same time in three different locations.

4 bff triebwerk

The exhibits were only visible on the smartphone. This virtual exhibition was meant to be a provocation: For one would only see the world through mobile devices.